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Its time to say goodbye

After over 7 years of being a home to many, it’s sadly come the time we close our doors. As many of you have noticed, over the last year it's been nothing but downhill for us. It's not because we haven’t tried but there are so many factors to running a successful server that most don’t know about which have taken a toll on us as a whole.

The server will stop accepting payments around when this announcement goes live, it will also stop accepting votes. The server and the discord will remain active until the end of 2021 and this website will stay active a while longer so that everyone can get closure and read up about what happened.

There is really no good way to make an announcement like this that won't be met with immense sadness, grief and even in some cases anger but all good things must come to an end. I don’t want to keep going to barely scrape by, at this point the server is not profitable so I can’t justify spending time on it and we can’t afford to hire contractors meaning we can’t output content at an acceptable rate which in turn means our server is not up to par with the top 100 anymore.

And if I’m being frank, I do not have the passion I once had for this game which makes it really hard to put in as much time as would be needed. When Momento started, I was so passionate about it that I spent 10-15 hours a day working on it, for years. I really gave it my all, it has been my entire life since 2014.

I would like to thank every single person who's ever played the server, voted for the server and made any purchase to support the server. Because of you, we were able to offer hundreds of thousands of people a temporary home where they could escape and have a good time with good people.

Despite what many think, this was never only about the money, I’ve met so many people who have changed my life for the better thanks to the community we created. I've heard countless testimonies on how people have met their best friends here or have found a home that has made their life that much better. Like everything, money was needed to pay for everything it took to create and maintain the server. It allowed me to be a full-time server owner for 6 years and provide you guys with the experience you had and I am very blessed that I could dedicate those years to it.

A special thanks to everyone who made going for this long possible, the players, the staff and the higher ups. You made Momento what it was <3


This has been a wild ride, I wish you all the best in life. - fergydanny

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