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15 Apr
Introducing Momento Money fergydanny

Hey guys, as you might have seen in the discord announcements, we've come out with a new currency to replace ad balance (before you panic, your old balances were transferred over). Basically we wanted to remove the ad system for a while as its not giving people ads at all and only a few lucky people are able to get ads and instantly win the top prizes, this is really unfair and broken.

As a fix for the above, I've created a new currency from the ground up that works similarly to ad balance, meaning you can trade it and cash it out for store giftcards but in a cleaner environment which will allow us to make more things use it over time. I hope you guys like it and if you find any bugs just hit me up!

One of the first things we plan on rolling out is the ability to buy Momento Money on the store, so you can transfer gift cards back into in-game currency to trade with others. Keep an eye on the store in the next few days as that will make its appearance!

p.s if you can't pay someone right now its simply because they need to relog once since the new system has been added, it will work flawlessly after they relog once!
10 Apr
Retiring creative fergydanny
Hi guys, as you might have noticed we have removed the creative server. This has been done because for months (if not longer) the gamemode has been dead and a waste of space/effort. We prefer to remove it and focus our efforts on the other gamemodes that are doing well. Sorry if you were one of the very few that played.

As for any purchases, please email [email protected] with your ign and what your purchased on creative and we will hook you up with a coupon/giftcard that you can spend on other gamemodes.

Thanks for understanding :)

rest in peace skelacra.. I mean momentocreative
01 Apr
Factions reset information fergydanny
Hey, here is a brief list of some changes to factions for the new season:
  • Added crop hoppers back, a new a more efficient system. Same as before where every hopper is a crop hopper and grabs any cactus dropped in its chunk.
  • Removed the 10 second tp delay, the combat tag should be enough.
  • Horizontal gen buckets will now gen 64 blocks long instead of 10.
  • Removed user balances from FTOP. Now only placed blocks & spawners will count.
  • There is now a rule against having claimed walls wider than 20 chunks. Offenders will have their bases cleared by staff.
  • Made hoppers transfer more items per time they tick.
  • Removed the lightning custom enchant as it was being abused.
  • Fixed envoy spawn locations.
  • Added a limit of 200 spawners per spawner stack to reduce some potential lag.
  • etc..

Quick reminder that the launch of this new season is this friday the 5 march at 4pm EST, 3pm EST for omega ranked players! See you on!
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