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07 Feb
Creative Reset fergydanny
Hey guys, as the title indicates, this thread is about the impending creative reset. Our creative server has been in need of some "lovin" and we've decided to work on a reset that would feature things that would entice players to play more and work towards actual goals instead of simply building. All of the important details can be found below:

New Spawn
View attachment 3694

Rankup system based on build sumissions judged by special judges
You will be able to submit your plot (individual or merged) for rating by staff, they can rate it from 0/10 on terrain, structures and organics. Each rank will have different criterias based on the final score you need to progress onto the next rank. Here's a little peek at what the /build command looks like:

Here is what submitting a plot looks like: Link to vid

Once submitted you can see if you pass or not using /build feedback:

Bug fixes, updates in general
As with every reset, we've gone and updated all the plugins and stuff we could and we have also changed most of the messages to make them look more uniform.

Donor rank buffs
The current donor ranks do not give as much stuff as they could so...
01 Feb
Top Supporters - January 2019 Chrisbeg
We've finally got through the first month of 2019, thank you for the continued support towards the server and I, we really appreciate it. As a thank you for the support in regards of Voting, Ad Watching and Top Donor I'm here to announce this month's Top Supporters. Major props to the listed people, all will be messaged on the forums In which I will provide you with your corresponding GiftCard code, any issues let me know! Users without a forums account, or users I've managed to miss please drop me a message on either the forums or Discord.

| Top Voters:

Congratulations to @0rIsItJustMe on top voter (January)

| Top Donor:

Congratulations to @XenoMaster711 on top donor (January)

| Top Ad Watchers:

Congratulations to @MexicoForever on top add watcher (January)

Good Luck to users going for rewards in February!

Kind Regard,
Momento Management
13 Jan
Chrisbeg's Introduction Chrisbeg

Hello Everyone!

I’m extremely excited to be here. Instead of beginning my work without any acknowledgement on the recent Management change, I’ve decided to create an Introduction to who I am and what my role at the MomentoNetwork will include.

My name is Chris and I will continue the work of Community Manager for Momento. I’m not foreign to Community Management of larger networks, whether you’ve seen my work prior on other servers or not, I aim to hopefully please you all. I’m 19 years old and currently reside in the United Kingdom making my timezone GMT.

Being a Community Manager to me involves Staff Management (promotions, demotions, everything in-between), maintenance of official documents such as staff documents and rules, forums work, community relations, purchase support, events, general support with concerns and enhancing your experience at Momento.

Over the past day or so I’ve really taken a liking to Momento along with the Community interaction. As a new member of the Community there will be a lot for me to learn including procedures and rules. I will be answering any questions you have in the posts below. I’m excited to work with Fergydanny on a bright future for the network.

Feel free to private message me on Discord, I’ll be sure to respond to any questions or have a general chit chat...
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