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Factions Reset
Hi guys, as you know the factions reset is due and the current version has been down for a few days now in anticipation for the release of the reset. I am glad to announce the details of next season and its upcoming ones as we will be resetting...
Posted on Jun 19 2020
Coming Soon..
Hello, we are testing a new feature. Please don't mind this message!
Posted on Jun 08 2020
Skyblock Reset [23 May 2020]
Hey guys, I'd like to announce that we are resetting skyblock very soon! A lot of you have already begun asking us when the next reset is because...
Posted on May 19 2020
Prison Reset
Hi guys, the time has finally come to reset prison and this time we have changed almost everything about it! This season will bring you guys an...
Posted on May 04 2020
Store Changes
Hey, this post is to inform you all of some key store changes. For years we have re-sent almost everything every reset which has over the years...
Posted on Apr 28 2020
Rank Upgrade Vouchers
Hey guys, for a while now you have asked us for a solution in regards to upgrading donor ranks won via crates or other places. Today that feature...
Posted on Mar 26 2020
Factions Reset Details
Hey guys, as you may have seen in the server MOTD, factions is resetting this friday the 13th. This reset took longer than usual as we have worked on a lot to try and make this a really good factions experience. Reset Times Omega pre-access...
Posted on Mar 12 2020