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  • Prison Reset [7 February @ 3pm EST]

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    Hey guys, its that time. Prison is going to be reset this friday and will contain changes that should help bring us back to what prison was like back then. Heres a short list of noticeable changes:
    • Removed MM rewards (I know this won't be a fan favorite but I rather prison have players that enjoy the gamemode rather than just people farming it for MM to use elsewhere).
    • Lowered the non donor -> donor price gaps.
    • Updated the plotmine plugin (should fix the overgrowing).
    • Removed right click to sell with pickaxe and blocks top.
    • Removed the new rebirth system and re-added our old prestiging system (that makes your rankups cost more). There will be a total of 50 prestiges before reaching the prisongod rank.
    • Replaced the random shards spawning (for enchant tokens) with lucky blocks when you mine to make enchant tokens overall more obtainable and a big part of the economy again.
    • & more

    - Omega pre-access Friday the 7th February at 2pm EST.

    Store revamp

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    Edit: Everything is back except the crate key section for prison as it is being revamped.

    Hi guys, the store will be down for ~1-3 days as I revamp it some. What does the revamp mean?
    • Some prices will change (raised or lowered)
    • Some items will be edited (new perks for some ranks & such)
    • New items will be added
    • Old unpopular items will be removed

    If you guys would like to suggest any changes (whether it be additions, removals or modifications) to the store, please do so under this thread. Thanks!

    Towny V4

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    Hey guys, the time has come to reset towny. Towny is not a gamemode that would normally be reset at such short intervals but that's what we get for trying it on a newer less stable version (1.14). It is riddled with issues we can't fix without resetting and moving off this cursed version.

    When? Sunday January 19th at 3pm EST (Omega pre-access at 2pm EST). The current server will go down sometime saturday pm/night.

    What? Heres a list of the notable changes:
    • Removed /shop and re-added jobs to move back to a player based economy which everyone loved.
    • Moved from 1.14.4 to 1.12.2 (I know some won't be happy about this one but its the price to pay for a stable and durable experience).
    • The price for bonus blocks will no longer increase the more you have of them.
    • Fixed issues related to the mob/item/spawner stacker.
    • Moved back to the old custom enchants plugin people prefer.
    • Re-added jobs (/jobs browse).
    • Added in-game money per vote to help start...

    Skyblock Reset [22 Dec @ 12pm EST]

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    Hey guys, a lot of you have been wondering why there was no eco change date announced on the last rotation and that's because we were preparing for this reset! Now I know this reset is a little early but I'm hoping the awesome changes will make up for that and will provide you guys with some fun on the holidays :)

    Here are some of the most notable changes:
    • New spawn & warzone (click me)
    • Moved back to a better item/block/mob stacking system.
    • Changed skyblock plugins to a new one so some things will be different but it should be much better overall!
    • No more nether
    • Island level will now be formatted in chat and scoreboard so for example 20k instead of 20000.
    • Added your islands rank in scoreboard https://gyazo.com/9b701b1024c350c563081482d8516d26
    • Made it so any members of the...

    Introducing our Platinum rank

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    Hey guys, we've been working on a subscription based rank for a while and are excited to finally release it! This rank is cheap (5$/month) and provides some unique perks. It is a rank that will allow us as a server to have a fraction of our income be consistent and it will allow you as a player to consistently support us over time.

    You can view the web page at: https://platinum.momentonetwork.net

    You can think of this sort of like a twitch sub where you support the content creator and get a few perks in exchange. This is by no means a "p2w" rank but instead more of a supportive one. Here are its current perks:
    • Access to private discord channels with other platinum members & staff!
    • Ability to change your own discord nickname at any time!
    • Access to private discord polls and sneak peaks!
    • Your name and streak displayed to the world on the web page for the duration of your subscription!
    • Unique in-game Platinum tag with the ability to select its color...

    Staff pay incentive

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    Hi guys, as an attempt to get more attention and applications towards the staff team and to reward our current staff members, we have decided to start paying staff weekly in MM (Momento Money). The payouts are every Friday and will vary depending on how many hours you put into your duties. Here are the current rates:

    Looking forward to your applications :)

    Factions S11 [Friday @ 3pm EST]

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    Hey guys, this is just to officially announce the reset which was mentionned in the discord announcements channel. Season 11 was mainly focused on bug fixes and will come out tomorrow!

    Date: 1 November 2019
    - Omega pre-access: 2pm EST
    - Public access: 3pm EST

    Here are last seasons top 10 factions, winners have been sent their rewards in the form of momento money sent to the faction owners!

    I hope to see you guys on! Good luck to all competing!

    Skyblock Reset [11 October]

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    11 October at 3pm EST (2pm EST for omegas)

    Two new skyblock servers! Heres a list of all the more noticeable changes, the rest you will have to see for yourselves ;)
    • Updated from 1.8.8 to 1.12.2 (still with 1.8 combat)
    • Removed the sync system. Both new servers will be seperate. The system was too flawed and exploitable.
    • Changed our weekly island top competition to a weekly top island levels gained competition. This means that instead of always rewarding the people at the top, we will be rewarding those gain the most levels that week. This new system is automatic.
    • Changed item/mob/spawner stacking systems. Coded an entirely new one which should fix our current issues (spawner loss & anomalies).
    • New spawn with warzone (you will have to see it for...

    Prison Reset [4 October]

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    Launching the 4th of October at 3pm EST (2pm EST for Omega's)

    Hey guys, its finally time for a prison reset! For this season we've focused on applying some highly requested changes such as rewarding players for playing/grinding instead of simply being wealthy and on bringing back the old enchant token economy/system. You can find all of the info below.

    Key changes:

    New Mine System: We've implemented a new mine system that resets mines when they are partially emptied which should reduce the annoyances related to always using the signs. This should also fix the issue we randomly faced where mines would stop resetting after server restarts.

    New PlotMine System: We've also changed how plotmines work. Instead of requiring one token per player you want to add, you no longer need to add players to your plotmine for them to be able to use it, just to your...

    Incident Report [19 Sept 2019]

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    Hi guys, as some of you might be aware we have faced an attack yesterday where the attackers were able to exploit a flaw in our hosting and of a plugin to gain access to information they shouldn't have been able to and to grief the server. Luckily we take automated backups daily so we were able to restore everything the exact way it was before the attack and patch the vulnerabilities, however the attackers did gain access to some information.

    The information they got is pretty much a list of usernames and related ips. This might sound alarming to some of you but realistically you are in no danger because of this and we do not store anything else that would be considered private information. We store ips and usernames for functionality purposes and security (to prevent people from bypassing bans for example and from going over the alt limit). This is a more than common practice and almost every website or application you use does the same.

    I just wanted to make this...

    Top supporters - August 2019

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    Hey guys, as always thanks for an amazing month of support. Here are last months top supporters. Please keep in mind that topvoter prizes are automatic so you already got the momento money for it, I will send the top donor's MM after this post!

    Top donor:

    Top voters:

    Good luck to all of those competing for next months and thanks for the continued support!​

    Towny Reset (yes you read that right..)

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    That's right towny reset is finally among us. This reset has been in the works for a good little while and will also be quite experimental considering we decided to yolo it and try to pull off a 1.14 towny. 1.14 is semi stable so nobody knows how the release will go but fingers crossed its everything you wanted and more!

    Main changes:
    • Updated to 1.14.4 (from 1.13.2).
    • Added mob stacking like on all of our other servers, to maintain a level of performance.
    • To go with the last point, mobs in general should be fixed now (spawn rate wise).
    • Switched out jobs for a sell shop (/shop). The jobs plugin was not balanced and quite buggy overall, a shop is more commonly known and easier for users. Fear not, the economy is still player ran, the shop simply serves as a way to get money, to buy things you will have to trade with the...

    Top supporters - July 2019

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    Hey guys, thanks for yet another amazing month (one of our best ever). As always the top supporters earn themselves an extra reward, here are last months winners:

    Good luck to those competing in next months and here's to another one!​

    Factions S10

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    Hey guys, this is just a quick post to give you all the official date of the next factions season launch. The launch will be at 3pm EST this sunday the 7th, with omega pre-access at 2pm EST. This is a pretty straightforward reset however there are a few changes which I will list below:
    • New cannoning jar, comes with the following:
      • TnT/Cannoning fixes
      • /fps command to help boost fps
      • hopper optimizations
      • overall performance improvements
    • Added new spawners to /shop, to drop gold ingots, diamonds and emeralds
    • New spawn courtesy of @GalaxyKal
    • & more!

    Island top/Factions top/Top monthly supporters

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    Hey guys, this will be one big thread containing this months winners for various contests. First off are the winners of our new weekly island top rewards. You have all been given your rewards (paypal sent and momento money added to island owners). Here are the winners:

    Now onto the factions top winners. Your rewards have been sent in the form of momento money to the faction owners. Please keep in mind that the new season will launch aproximatively the 7th, official date TBA. Here are the winners:

    - Demon -> Congealment
    - DeathZone -> mrlightning_nl
    - Tassiemen -> Winkminer

    Last but not least, our monthly top voters and top donors. You will all have been rewarded via momento money! Here are our winners:


    Introducing Skyblock Galaxy and Skyblock Nebula

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    Payouts start Sunday the 30th June

    Hey guys, as explained in my last announcement, skyblock is resetting and it will now become 2 servers. However we are taking more of a one skyblock experience multiple servers approach.

    Heres what that means:
    • There will be 2 servers.
    • You can own/join 1 island per server.
    • Inventories, money and public chats are syncronized between both servers, meaning you can chat in public chat with others on the other realm and you can go trade your items on a different realm too.
    • Donor ranks are the same on both servers, no need to buy another rank.

    Where will I get what I bought last version?
    As with every reset, some purchased items are re-sent and in this case they will be re-sent on the galaxy realm...

    Skyblock reset

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    Hey guys,

    Sorry if this comes at a surprise to some but we have decided it would be best to reset skyblock. This is a little sooner than anticipated but its to be ready for the summer peak of july and to fix the performance issues we are currently facing.

    The idea behind the reset is to release 2 skyblock servers (like back in the day) to allow us to split the playerbase and hold more players globally on our skyblock servers. Here are a few key points as to what this means:
    • Donor ranks will sync between skyblocks so you will not need to purchase a new rank to play on either.
    • This means that you will technically be able to own/be apart of 2 islands (one on each skyblock) so that's someting that could be interesting for some.
    • Synchronized chat and inventory, enderchest, levels & armor between both servers. This means that you'll be able to trade items acquired on one server with people on the other and also chat with them.
    • Bug fixes & optimizations
    • A move to...

    Creative is back

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    Hey guys, you might notice in the hub that creative has been brought back. This has been done because quite a few people have been asking for it recently and while we had removed it for what we thought were valid reasons before, removing it did not have any effect on the playerbase so we don't see any reason to not bring it back for those who want it.

    A few things to keep in mind:
    - There are no donor ranks for the time being and I'm not sure if there will ever be any as they are not really beneficial at this size/time. That being said almost everyone already got refunded for their ranks when we first closed creative down so I've deleted those old ranks.
    - Everyone starts with a max of 4 plots, each plot being 300x300 if needed we will give you guys more over time.
    - I have kept it very barebones, no crazy flashy features (not that creative is usually fancy) and my goal was to give non donors/everyone access to all the basic unrestricted creative features such as worldedit and...

    Impending Prison Reset

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    Hey guys, prison will be resetting this week, Friday the 7 June at 3pm EST (Omega ranked players can start playing at 2pm EST). This reset focuses mainly on redesigning base concepts such as prestiging and fixing bugs. Here is a list of the main changes:
    • The prestige system has been changed to be infinite. Instead of increasing your rankup prices every time instead every prestige costs the same. Prison god tag will be earned at prestige 300.
    • Each week the players that have prestiged the most that week will earn automated momento money rewards. There will be a hologram at spawn displaying the top 10.
    • Removed enchant tokens and refactored the explosive enchant. This has been mainly been done because we saw prison become just about enchant tokens and it greatly devalued donor/crate picks. Now you can't enchant your picks anymore, you have to purchase them from donors or win them in crates. With that, the...

    Top Supporters - May 2019

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    Hey guys, as always a big thanks to everyone who has supported us for yet another amazing month! The top 10 voters and the top donor have earned themselves an extra little reward under the form of momento money.

    The top voters have been automatically rewarded and I have just rewarded the top donor. To check your new balance use /mm balance.

    Here are the winners

    Top donor:

    Top voters:

    Good luck to everyone competing for next months top supporters!​

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