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Skyblock Reset [31 July 2020]
Hi guys, the time has come to reset skyblock. This season is our first long term season since we have removed competitions so that means that instead of resetting every ~2 months, this season will last much longer and instead be updated if need...
Posted on Jul 27 2020
Factions Reset
Hey guys, its time for factions reset! This reset wont include anything crazy as its simply a stepping stone into our new wave of longer term...
Posted on Jul 24 2020
Removing Competitions / Eula Compliance
Hey guys. as you can probably guess just from the title, we have taken the decision to remove competitions to comply with mojangs new EULA which...
Posted on Jul 14 2020
Prison Reset [10 July 2020]
Hey guys, the time has come to reset prison. This reset will be live this Friday the 10 July at 3pm EST (2pm for omegas). The current prison...
Posted on Jul 08 2020
Factions Reset
Hi guys, as you know the factions reset is due and the current version has been down for a few days now in anticipation for the release of the...
Posted on Jun 19 2020
Coming Soon..
Hello, we are testing a new feature. Please don't mind this message!
Posted on Jun 08 2020
Skyblock Reset [23 May 2020]
Hey guys, I'd like to announce that we are resetting skyblock very soon! A lot of you have already begun asking us when the next reset is because this season has started to slow down. I hereby announce our upcoming season => Skyblock Pharaoh The...
Posted on May 19 2020