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13 Jan
Chrisbeg's Introduction Chrisbeg

Hello Everyone!

I’m extremely excited to be here. Instead of beginning my work without any acknowledgement on the recent Management change, I’ve decided to create an Introduction to who I am and what my role at the MomentoNetwork will include.

My name is Chris and I will continue the work of Community Manager for Momento. I’m not foreign to Community Management of larger networks, whether you’ve seen my work prior on other servers or not, I aim to hopefully please you all. I’m 19 years old and currently reside in the United Kingdom making my timezone GMT.

Being a Community Manager to me involves Staff Management (promotions, demotions, everything in-between), maintenance of official documents such as staff documents and rules, forums work, community relations, purchase support, events, general support with concerns and enhancing your experience at Momento.

Over the past day or so I’ve really taken a liking to Momento along with the Community interaction. As a new member of the Community there will be a lot for me to learn including procedures and rules. I will be answering any questions you have in the posts below. I’m excited to work with Fergydanny on a bright future for the network.

Feel free to private message me on Discord, I’ll be sure to respond to any questions or have a general chit chat...
08 Jan
New look fergydanny
Hey guys, this is just a short thread to give you guys some insight on this new website look. We've gone ahead and updated from xenforo 1 to xenforo 2, with that comes a lot of fundamental changes, the layout is the same but everything looks more modern.

On top of updating the software behind the forums, we've hired a web developer to customize everything. From the forums and the bans page to the store, he has styled it all.

A few notable changes:
  • There is now only 1 theme, no more different colors (was a pain to maintain).
  • The reaction system changed and with that brought a few new reactions, the old ones were however imported so you still have them.
  • Overall, it promotes our discord a bunch too so thats always nice.

Hope you guys enjoy it, there are still a few bugs to be fixed but if you see anything you think shouldn't look like or behave a certain way, drop us a reply!
04 Jan
Top Supporters - December 2018 fergydanny
Hey guys, as always thanks for the amazing month of support. It would not be possible without you all. Here are last months supporters who have earned themselves a special reward.

Top voters:

(Check forum pms)

Top donor:

(Check forum pms)

Top ad watchers:

(Have already received their reward via ad balance)

Good luck to all those competing for top supporter this month and thanks!
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