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Hey guys, its time for a skyblock reset!

We've been working on a version that will address a multitude of issues we couldn't without resetting the current version, our main goal was to cut down on the lag and make it more worth it to actually grind out manually, even late game (and not only afk).

The release will be at 4pm EST this friday the 22 march, omega ranked players can play 1h early so starting 3pm EST. I will be taking the current skyblock down sometime thursday evening.

Here are some key points on whats changed:
  • New spawn & pvp area (attached to spawn)
  • A ton of performance optimizations
  • Server version changed to 1.12.2 to get the latest patches
  • Added 3 new spawners which drop better items than IGs
  • Added a spawner limit again, helps with lag and prevents people from AFKing forever and gaining absurd money for it. The limit is 10 stacks of 200 spawners per island (so 10 spawners, stacked to 200 each).
  • Made farming more worth it, everything that isn't hardcore afk'able has been raised in price.
  • Returned /is top to how it was in previous versions (so working..).
  • Changed prestige system, it will now be based on money and it will not reset...
05 Mar
Prison Reset (8 March @ 3PM EST) fergydanny

Hey guys, the long awaited prison reset is finally upon us! I'm excited to bring you guys a hopefully refreshing prison reset with exciting changes. Before we jump into whats been added/removed/changed, lets get the release details straight.

The release will be at 3PM EST this friday, the 8th of March. Omega ranked players will get to play the prison 1 hour in advance, so starting 2pm EST. This version contains some significant changes so expect bugs here and there.

Current prison will be taken down sometime thursday until the reset.

Here are the key points of whats changed:
  • New spawn
  • New pvp arena (the pvp is no longer around spawn, only at the arena).
  • Re-did the entire economy, from rankup prices to sell prices and multipliers.
  • Added McMMO.
  • Prestiging will now reset your balance.
  • Every 5 prestiges will now give you 2.5$ ad balance! That's right, while this is experimental and subject to change, you can now earn store credit by prestiging on prison!
  • Made donor kits significantly better but every week instead of every 2 days....
01 Mar
Top Supporters - February 2019 Chrisbeg
February has now ended meaning that we're soon approaching Spring! As a huge thank you for the continued support, Momento is providing the following users with rewards for supporting the server by either Voting, Watching Ads or becoming the Top Donor. All support is hugely appreciated and without you guys, Momento couldn't be what it is today. All users will be messaged on the forums with their gift card codes, any users without a forums account are asked to create one and private message me once done, any issues please let me know.

| Top Voters:

Congratulations to @yppiks123 on top voter (February)

| Top Donor:

Congratulations to XenoKiller711 on top donor (February)

| Top Ad Watchers:

Congratulations to ItzPerfect_ on top ad watcher (February)

Good luck to users going for rewards in March!

Kind Regards,
Momento Management
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