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Factions Reset Details
Hey guys, as you may have seen in the server MOTD, factions is resetting this friday the 13th. This reset took longer than usual as we have worked on a lot to try and make this a really good factions experience.

Reset Times
  • Omega pre-access 2pm EST.
  • Access for everyone at 3pm EST.

Noticeable Changes
  • New spawn & warzone.
  • Changed to a more optimized factions fork, functionality should remain the same or very similar.
  • Added chunk busters as purchasable items in the store.
  • New genbucket plugin that's much more optimized.
  • New printer plugin (/printer) that will put you in a fake creative mode and deduct the cost of whatever blocks you use from your balance automatically.
  • Added trench pickaxes to the store.
  • Changed factions fly systems (this should fix a bug some were having where they took unnecessary damage).
  • Made it so creeper eggs no longer break obsidian and can't be placed inside of blocks.
  • General cannon fixes & optimizations.
  • Made it so you can't place blocks directly next to spawners (so people don't block them off every night).
  • Removed tnt from /shop and made creepers drop them.
  • Made it so you can buy spawners in bulk now instead of having to do them 1 by 1 like before.
  • Moved sell wands to their own section on the store as they will now be consumables (not re-sent on resets). For everyone who's bought one before this reset, it will be re-sent to you just this once.
  • Raised the prices of sugar cane and lowered the cactus one to be more sugar cane based.
  • Changed the player power to 50.
  • Made spawners cost 25% of their worth to be mined.
  • Added harvester hoes to the store.
  • Added a grace period of 7 days, meaning tnt will only be enabled starting friday the 20th.
  • New paypal ftop prizes!

See you there :)
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Posted on Mar 12 2020