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Factions Reset
Hi guys, as you know the factions reset is due and the current version has been down for a few days now in anticipation for the release of the reset. I am glad to announce the details of next season and its upcoming ones as we will be resetting factions monthly now.

The new season will be launching this sunday, the 21 at 3pm EST (2pm for omegas).

From here on our, factions will reset every month and rewards will be weekly, here are some details:

  • Big updates will be every 3 months (3 resets). This includes new spawns and any major changes. Non major resets will contain simple fixes and suggestions.

  • Payouts are weekly and as follows:
    • #1- $50 Paypal or $60 MomentoMoney
    • #2- $25 MomentoMoney
    • #3- $10 MomentoMoney

  • Changed spawner stack caps to 25 so you have to place more physical spawners now but we can still keep performance up to par.

  • Made borders smaller to promote more action:
    • Overworld: 5k x 5k
    • Nether: 2k x 2k
    • End: 1.5k x 1.5k

  • Shorter grace period of 3 days since the season itself is shorter.

  • Added throwable creeper eggs to /shop.

  • Gave everyone access to /fly in their own land and converted everyone who bought /fly and champion rank to having access to /fly in wilderness.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you guys on!
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Posted on Jun 19 2020