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Factions Reset
Hey guys, its time for factions reset! This reset wont include anything crazy as its simply a stepping stone into our new wave of longer term resets accross the network. With our recent changes, servers will stay up without resetting for longer and will instead receive updates throughout the season as needed.

We hope that this incentivizes people to play for longer since their hard work doesnt get cleared every month or two.

The reset will be live this Sunday the 26 July at 3pm EST (2pm for omegas).

Key features:

  • New builds (spawn & warzone).
  • Longer term season.
  • Bigger worlds.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Removal of /withdraw (money notes) as people use that to stash hidden unraidable cash into their vaults.
  • & more!

Thanks for reading and see you on!
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Posted on Jul 24 2020