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Factions Reset

Hey guys, its time for the next factions reset. Here are the details:

This Saturday the 24th October at 3pm EST (2pm for omega donors)

- Revamped Eco
- Made it so you cant place spawners in enderchests
- New Spawn, Warzone, Koth builds
- New outposts (special koth events happening outside of the spawn)
- New collector/crophopper system
- Made the nether world flat
- Changed borders to be smaller to bring more action
- overworld: 5k by 5k
- nether: 2.5k by 2.5k
- end: 2.5k by 2.5k
- Disabled some commands people used to bypass anti-teleporation regions
- Changed maximum faction power per user from 50 -> 100
- Made /f chest and /f vault open up the faction chest (instead of having to type /f chest 1)

Thanks for reading and see you on :)
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Posted on Oct 22 2020