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Momento's future
Hey guys, don't be frightened by the title, this is not a goodbye but rather an explanation of why the servers in the state its in and whats in store for the future. Buckle up, this might be a long one.

First off, I want to explain a bit about the history of the server. The server started in May 2014 after many failed attempts at starting servers. I've had temporary success with the prior servers but none had survived past a week or two except Momento. I went from a player to a staff member on another server to running my own.

Before Momento, I've made MANY attempts at making a server, some more successful than others but none that stuck. Here is a list I found of some of those servers:

Honestly Momento was probably one of my last attempts and honestly everyone I knew IRL was tired of my shit and had no faith in me. Regardless of the naysayers, I persevered and it took off. It was launched in the prime of op prison, the gamemode was very popular and there were few good servers to play it and thats when MomentoPrison was born. The server was averaging 100-200 players with 0 ads for years. We were known in the op prison space and were doing very well.

Then came the day where skyblock started taking over, we adapted and released our skyblock which did alright, and then factions which didn't do too good. Honestly looking back, I probably diluted the server too much by just adding new gamemodes, should of probably kept it prison and skyblock only.

A few years later, I bought a creative server called skelacraft that had a playerbase of ~40 players and added it to momento as MomentoCreative. I also eventually bought a pixelmon server called PokeSmash that had a playerbase of like ~30 but I just kept that one seperate.

Then skyblock really took off and became the #1 gamemode in minecraft for the last few years straight and probably still is king. With skyblock came what some people would call a weird phase where we had partnered with a dutch content creator, DutchTerms. Funny story is that me and Vincent met because someone was trying to scam both of us at the same time. They were pretending to represend Momento while offering a deal to TDT (DutchTerms) while pretending to be his manager to me and offering some advertisements. I then decided to contact TDT directly and we found out we were both being lied to.

Vincent (TDT) was a really cool guy and we spoke a bit and decided that while the network was fully english at the time, it would be nice to give a partnership a shot and build some features to allow us to split up these different communities but allow them to play together. The partnership was a success for years and the server had even peaked at 1100 players in I believe summer 2016. I know some people didn't appreciate this partnership but I sure did. I am thankful for the nice dutch people I have met and for the nice and respectful partnership me and Vincent have had.

All of that to say that the game has been my life for a long time (literally 1/3rd of my life). It may seem like I'm less interested nowadays or that I don't care about the server but that's not true, I just lost the undying passion I had at the start. That doesn't mean that I don't love the server or that I'm going to stop pushing and working to make the server enjoyable for all. I don't hate running a server, I just dont live and breathe it as much as I did 2-3 years ago.

This community will always be apart of me, even long after the server is gone. I understand some of you have already left and or are leaving and thats fine, like I said, its been almost 7 years. Its normal. I could never have guessed that the server would last so long, it has exceeded all my expectations and has been a blessing.

Making and running this server has pushed me to learn so many skills, two in particular which have made me valuable in other fields on the internet and have given me the opportunity to keep on working on the server and myself on my own terms. Yeah, I can't work on it full-time anymore but that doesn't mean I won't work on it when I can and continue to support its community.

One of those skills is system administration which I've been offering as a service to other servers ranging from small lesser known ones to the top 10-20 and the other is Java development/programming which I've recently been doing profesionally for another server. I know the word has gotten out and I don't mind, I wasn't trying to hide it. I've had to move on from doing Momento full time for both financial and personal reasons but the server is still sustainable and should not be going anywhere for a good while.

So I would like to take a moment to thank anyone whos ever played Momento, everyone whos supported it throughout the years and continue to support it. I hope I've made a positive impact on your life because you have on mine <3 And to all of those who have moved on, there are no hard feelings.

That being said, now that I've given you guys an explanation on whats happened and how the server started, I want to talk about the future. I will still be actively updating the server, it may not be as often as you and I would like but it will happen. I will keep striving to provide you guys with solid updates to keep the game fun. Here are a few things that are lined up:
  • Global pardon: All in-game punishments will be wiped to give our old players, no matter how severe the infraction, a new chance. For many its been years and its likely they've matured and should be given a second chance.
  • Skyblock and prison resets will be released the 18th at 3pm EST. These will be minor, skyblock goes back to spawner eco as that was clearly more popular/fun for people. These resets will start off minor to bring the servers back some players but will be actively worked on as seasons are now long term again. Meaning they happen when they are due/needed instead of at set dates.
  • COMING SOON: Chats will be global, meaning people on skyblock will be able to see prison players messages and vice versa with all languages merged by default, you will be able to ignore incoming mesages from a language channel if you desire.
  • COMING SOON: Rules will be made less severe so that less people get punished and possibly lose interest. Of course we're still keeping the important rules.
  • The alt limit will be removed. We will just have to ensure that crucial things like keyalls are given once per ip.
  • Multiple daily automated events (mainly keyalls to start)
  • COMING SOON: A new voting system where everyone who votes in a day will be entered into a raffle for a daily coupon. For example, if you vote 5 times than you have 5 entries in the pot and the winner will be automatically chosen and rewarded with a 10$ coupon every day. Voting is a crucial part of a server and is how we keep growing/gain new players.

The "COMING SOON" points will be worked on to be released the earliest I can and the stuff not marked as coming soon will come out in the following few days.

Thanks for reading, I know this was long and probably not fully coherent because I haven't written an essay in years. Onwards and upwards!
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Posted on Dec 15 2020