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Prison Reset
Hi guys, the time has finally come to reset prison and this time we have changed almost everything about it! This season will bring you guys an entirely different experience and the chance to compete for some juicy rewards.

The reset will be live at 3pm EST this Wednesday, 6 May (2pm EST for omegas).

Notable Changes
  • Completely revamped economy.
  • Completely revamped pickaxe enchantments and upgrade system.
  • Free flight for all (purchases will be refunded in MM).
  • Free autosell for all (purchases will be refunded in MM).
  • A new way to compete, cells. Instead of the traditional plot system, you will now be able to get a cell where you can place special blocks on to raise its worth and compete in /cell top for prizes!
  • Addition of daily/weekly quests.
  • Reformated the /help command to feature an all-inclusive menu that will guide you thru everything prison. Use /menu to access it at any time!
  • Added upgradable pets and armor for additional money boosts and perks.
  • Revamped crates.
  • & much more!

This season will contain 2 different competitions:

Cell Top
You can compete by placing special blocks you earn by mining, purchasing them with tokens earned in-game or winning them in crates. The prizes will be given out weekly and are the following:

#1- 100$ Paypal
#2- 75$ MomentoMoney (Store Credit)
#3- 50$ MomentoMoney (Store Credit)
#4- 15$ MomentoMoney (Store Credit)
#5- 10$ MomentoMoney (Store Credit)

Rebirth Top
You can compete by ranking up and rebirthing as many times as you can. The prizes for this will be given out once at the end of the season and are the following:

#1- 50$ MomentoMoney (Store Credit)
#2- 35$ MomentoMoney (Store Credit)
#3- 20$ MomentoMoney (Store Credit)
#4- 15$ MomentoMoney (Store Credit)
#5- 10$ MomentoMoney (Store Credit)

As mentionned in the brief list of changes above, /fly and /autosell purchases will be refunded in MomentoMoney between the moment of this post and the reset since those 2 perks will no longer be on the store and will be available for everyone to enjoy.

There really is a lot more than mentionned here for you guys to discover and I hope to see you there :) Good luck to all of those which will be competing for prizes!
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Posted on May 04 2020