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Prisons Reset Details
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Hi guys, today I am announcing the next Prisons reset! This reset aims to address some of the complaints we have received over the last few months about the current prisons season and includes a bunch of quality of life changes!

Key Dates
Wednesday, April 7th
- Prisons will close to the public to allow us to apply the reset
Friday, April 9th @ 2pm EST (6pm GMT) - Prisons Opens for omega Early Access
Friday, April 9th @ 3pm EST (7pm GMT) - Prisons Opens for everyone

What's New?
- Enchants have been reworked.
- Fortune has been removed because it was unfixable (sorry!), however, we have replaced fortune with the Greed enchant giving it significant buffs to help make up for the loss. Hopefully you all should now be able to achieve those top rebirths!
- Detonate enchant has been removed, apparently everyone hated it and said it was annoying
- New Store Bundles containing lots of goodies
- Sell Booster Gems have been significantly buffed
- Money Boosters have been significantly buffed
- Money Armour has been significantly buffed
- New Armour type that multiplies orbs
- Rank Multipliers have been increased
- Rank Mines have been rebuilt with the mines being 67x67 in size (regular mines are 51x51 in size)
- Private Mines have been rebuilt to match the size of rank mines.
- Added Envoy every 2 hours
- Reaction is now every 15 minutes (this change will also roll-out globally)
- Reaction is no longer case sensitive, long of the days of losing because you forgot to turn caps lock off! (this will also roll-out globally)
- Brought Back Version Numbers (this is Version 15)

Bug Fixes
- Blocks Top should now only have a player once, no more double winners!
- Removed obsolete items from crates.
- Pickaxes no longer show having 10 gem slots when in reality there is only 5.
- Removed the thing that tells you there's a mine every 25 rebirths, cus there ain't!
- Kits Menu is now centred

New Mines
Here are a few screenshots of what some of the new rank mines look like!

ObsidianView attachment 5534

View attachment 5535

View attachment 5536

QuartzView attachment 5537

Hope you all enjoy this new season of Prisons! Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday!
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Posted on Apr 01 2021