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Removing Competitions / Eula Compliance
Hey guys. as you can probably guess just from the title, we have taken the decision to remove competitions to comply with mojangs new EULA which is much more lenient towards server owners and only bans selling items that affect the competitive aspect of the game (competitions/pvp).

This decision was not easy and I truly believe in the grand scheme of things that it will help the server get better. For the last year or two since we've jumped on the payouts bandwagon, I've had to throw out resets faster and faster because when the focus of a server is competition, once the top players are ahead by too much, everyone else is discouraged from playing.

These quick resets have had a huge toll on the community and honestly, on me. Its a lot of work to put out resets, even more when you have a lot less time than before to do it. I find myself in a constant cycle of resetting the same three gamemodes, no time to work on new things or even host events.

These competitions have also tainted what the server once was, which is a place to just come to enjoy yourself and chill with friends. Instead we now have people backstabbing their friends just for a chance at a prize. I honestly never understood and probably never will why some players put so much emphasis on which server has the biggest prizes because at the end of the day, to be ranked in the top you usually have to put in as much, if not more than you make, and if its not you, its one of your team members taking the hit.

That being said, going back to having no payouts/competitions (factions top, island top, cell top, rebirth top) will allow us to reset less often which will be nice for the casual players who dont want to see their work gone after just 1-2 months every time and actually want to stick around for a long time.

It will give me more time to work on new stuff and higher quality resets since I wont always be on a strict timeline.

I know some of you will be mad (probably in majority the same ~5 people who have been winning all the competitions since the start) but I see this as a next step towards rebuilding the server to what it once was.

Finally, I will outline the specifics:

  • All competitions will have one last payout (for this week), this Sunday the 19th July at the usual time, 1pm EST.
  • Prison: Every consumable purchase made on prison between when its reset happened and this post was posted will be refunded in MM (since some probably have invested for the competitions).
  • Skyblock: This week was already mentioned as skyblocks last payout of the season so we are fine there.
  • Factions: Is ending in a week so this week is also already its last payout of the season.
  • All gamemodes will reset less frequently and we will attempt to work towards adding late game content on all gamemodes.

If there were a perfect time to do this transition, it certainly is now as two of our servers with competitions, including our biggest one are having their last payouts of the season this week. Which means that anyone that invested money into those for competition reasons will not lose anything, and as mentioned above for prison, we will be refunding your purchases back to MM and letting you keep the stuff for this season.

There might be further posts over time if more changes are needed to be compliant but for now this should be it. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys can understand/consider the points I made.
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Posted on Jul 14 2020