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Skyblock Mid-Season Update
Hi Everyone,

Today we're announcing the Skyblock Mid-Season Update. This update comes packed with a bunch of changes but without the need for a reset!

What's New

Enchantments Rework

- Removed Ward
- Removed Enlightened
- Removed Trap
- Removed Disintegrate
- Removed Trickster
- Removed Explosive
- Removed Vampire
- Removed Torrent

- Bleed Enchant has been nerfed
- Deep Bleed Enchant has been nerfed
- Mighty Cactus has been nerfed
- Shuffle has been nerfed (very slightly)

* Removed enchants are no longer obtainable, but will still work on any items that still have them. Most of these enchants are either duplicates of another one, or serve no purpose (such as Torrent since there's no water in pvp)

Misc Changes
- Crops top now has rewards. Rewards have been split 50/50 between is top and crop top
- Crates have been buffed. Removed the jank items and buffed the money they give. Also added endstone to them.
- New Soul Tracker Item to track your kills.
- Increased Crop Sell Prices to try keep up with growing spawner economy
- Reintroduced Cobblegen Upgrades. These were too OP for early season but are fine now.
- Added 2 more levels to the Crop Growth Upgrade
- /confirmdrop now on armour

Other Changes that have already happened but worth mentioning
- Reaction is now every 15 minutes
- Scoreboard updated to be consistent with the rest of the server

These changes will come into affect at around 3pm EST (After is top is complete). There will be a brief reboot as this happens.
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Posted on Apr 18 2021