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Skyblock & Prison Reset Details
Hey guys, people have been asking for a reset thread. I'll keep it simple because these resets in themselves are rather simple. They will make future resets easier/better.

at 3pm EST this Friday the 18th December (2pm for Omegas)


  • Went back to old spawner eco players liked
  • Changed island top rewards and automated their rewarding fully (coupon system)
  • Changed max island members to default at 8 instead of 5
  • Updated miner top rewards and automated them to hand out coupons to winners.
Noteworthy Global Changes:
  • Removed alt limit (crate keys/keyalls are only given once per IP, don't worry).
  • Purged our punishments, everyone has had their record fully cleared.
  • Added a new /raffle system that allows everyone to enter a daily raffle for a $10 Coupon by voting for the server. Each vote increases your chance for that day. Winners are announced in our #raffle-winners channel on discord

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on!
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Posted on Dec 18 2020