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Skyblock Reset [31 July 2020]
Hi guys, the time has come to reset skyblock. This season is our first long term season since we have removed competitions so that means that instead of resetting every ~2 months, this season will last much longer and instead be updated if need be.

The reset will be live this friday the 31st at 3pm EST (2pm for omegas). The current server will be taken down sometime thursday.

That being said, here are the key changes:

  • New builds/theme (spawn, warzone & other).
  • Sellblocks have been fully recoded and now allow you to just collect money from them and add people you want to grant access to.
  • Spawner limits have been heavily raised (max ~2 billion per stack).
  • Removed boosters (they broke the balance of the server).
  • Raised island member limit to 16, incase you missed it we also removed alt limits too so you can bring as many alts as you wish on your island to help.
  • Disabled radiant and acid rain enchants as they could be abused to damage people in safezones.
  • Added a fun little parkour game where the parkour generates itself and increases in complexity the further you are (/warp parkour).
  • & more!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there!
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Posted on Jul 27 2020