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Skyblock Reset Details
Hi guys, today we are presenting another Skyblock Reset!

The person who is 1st on Parkour Top at the end of the season will receive a $5 Coupon

Key Dates
Wednesday, 20/05/2021
- The Purge! Following the purge event, Skyblock will close to the public to allow us to apply the reset.
Friday, 21/05/2021 @ 2pm EST (7pm UK) - Skyblock Opens for omega Early Access
Friday, 21/05/2021 @ 3pm EST (8pm UK) - Skyblock Opens for everyone

What's New?
- Melons & Pumpkins have been nerfed
- Herbalism has been capped at Level 1000, to prevent people from just being able to afk farm.
- Custom Enchants have been balanced (again). Couple more enchants have been removed.
- Added Telepathy Enchant
- Added Phoenix Enchant (chance to not die and fully heal when you get killed)
- Buffed SoulBound enchant. At max level you have 100% chance to keep the item. To prevent this being used to constantly bombard KOTH and the likes, there is a cooldown of 5 minutes on this enchant. During testing we discovered that this enchant introduced various glitches, including potential for gear to be duplicated. We have therefore taken the decision to not include this enchant.
- Sellblocks will now tell you how much they've made throughout the day (rather than some incorrect "half an hour" value)
- Complete overhaul of /is missions - now missions give decent rewards, including coupons and tags!
- New Sell Multipliers on the store
- New Bundles on the store.
- Added /bounty
- Increase view distance (not overly sure on the impact on performance this will have, so if it becomes laggy I'll decrease it a bit, hopefully more than 4 chunks tho)

Other changes since the beginning of last season:
- Crops top rewards. Rewards have been split 50/50 between is top and crop top
- You can view the number of crops your island has farmed with /crops
- Crates have been buffed. Removed the jank items and buffed the money they give. Also added endstone to them.
- New Soul Tracker Item to track your kills.
- Added 2 more levels to the Crop Growth Upgrade
- /confirmdrop now on armour

Bug Fixes
(most of these are already applied but worth noting here)
- Sellblocks will now deposit their balance to your account even when you're offline during a reboot
- Fixed gkits not actually getting removed after a reset
- /limits now works correctly
- Limit Upgrades now work correctly
- /crops now count when the island owner is offline
- /crops only counts when the person farming a crop is a member of the island they are on

I look forward to seeing you all in the next Skyblock Season!
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Posted on May 15 2021