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Store Changes
Hey, this post is to inform you all of some key store changes. For years we have re-sent almost everything every reset which has over the years accumulated to players getting ludicrous amounts of what should be consumables. This leads to a drastic decrease in revenue over time for us and an inflated economy on reset for you guys.

That being said, for the sustainability of the server and to provide a much more balanced starting economy to our resets, we have decided to make a few things that were not consumables consumable.

We have added (Consumable) and (Permanent) on every store category to help you guys know which items get resent on resets and which do not. You can also have a look now to see what was made a consumable.

I know this will come as a shock to many of you who are used to getting things like sellblocks and pickaxes back by the dozen every reset but you guys have to understand that these should always have been consumables but we ended up resending them a few times and it became what people were used to so we kept doing it no matter how detrimental it was. Now with this clearer seperation you will be able to tell easily what is considered a consumable or not.

While rank upgrade vouchers are marked consumables, the rank you obtain from them is permanent. The voucher itself is whats considered consumable since it can be traded in-game and will not ever be resent. Same thing with tag tokens, the tokens are consumables but the tags you get from them are permanent.
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Posted on Apr 28 2020