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Upcoming MomentoMoney changes!
Hey guys,

Today I am announcing that after the black friday sale (so around Tuesday the 1st of December), we will be removing MomentoMoney (aka Adbal).

At the moment you earn MM (MomentoMoney) by winning competitions and events and such and you can then redeem it for store giftcards and use them to complete normal transactions on the store.

This system is actually costing us more money than it should, meaning for us to use this system versus say a coupon system is costing us a fair extra percentage on every transaction.

To remedy this, MomentoMoney will be removed/fully deleted this tuesday the 1st of December. Please use up your balances now.

This includes all the withdrawn giftcards with unused balances, they will all be cleared

Future prizes will be given as coupons that are of one time use and can be redeemed directly on the store. A post will come out when the new system is released.

tl;dr while nice for players, our MM system has costed us a ton of money that could have been used for ads, plugins, builds and overall better experience for everyone. It needs to be removed.
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Posted on Nov 26 2020