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  • Island top/Factions top/Top monthly supporters

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    Hey guys, this will be one big thread containing this months winners for various contests. First off are the winners of our new weekly island top rewards. You have all been given your rewards (paypal sent and momento money added to island owners). Here are the winners:

    Now onto the factions top winners. Your rewards have been sent in the form of momento money to the faction owners. Please keep in mind that the new season will launch aproximatively the 7th, official date TBA. Here are the winners:

    - Demon -> Congealment
    - DeathZone -> mrlightning_nl
    - Tassiemen -> Winkminer

    Last but not least, our monthly top voters and top donors. You will all have been rewarded via momento money! Here are our winners:


    Introducing Skyblock Galaxy and Skyblock Nebula

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    Payouts start Sunday the 30th June

    Hey guys, as explained in my last announcement, skyblock is resetting and it will now become 2 servers. However we are taking more of a one skyblock experience multiple servers approach.

    Heres what that means:
    • There will be 2 servers.
    • You can own/join 1 island per server.
    • Inventories, money and public chats are syncronized between both servers, meaning you can chat in public chat with others on the other realm and you can go trade your items on a different realm too.
    • Donor ranks are the same on both servers, no need to buy another rank.

    Where will I get what I bought last version?
    As with every reset, some purchased items are re-sent and in this case they will be re-sent on the galaxy realm...

    Skyblock reset

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    Hey guys,

    Sorry if this comes at a surprise to some but we have decided it would be best to reset skyblock. This is a little sooner than anticipated but its to be ready for the summer peak of july and to fix the performance issues we are currently facing.

    The idea behind the reset is to release 2 skyblock servers (like back in the day) to allow us to split the playerbase and hold more players globally on our skyblock servers. Here are a few key points as to what this means:
    • Donor ranks will sync between skyblocks so you will not need to purchase a new rank to play on either.
    • This means that you will technically be able to own/be apart of 2 islands (one on each skyblock) so that's someting that could be interesting for some.
    • Synchronized chat and inventory, enderchest, levels & armor between both servers. This means that you'll be able to trade items acquired on one server with people on the other and also chat with them.
    • Bug fixes & optimizations
    • A move to...

    Creative is back

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    Hey guys, you might notice in the hub that creative has been brought back. This has been done because quite a few people have been asking for it recently and while we had removed it for what we thought were valid reasons before, removing it did not have any effect on the playerbase so we don't see any reason to not bring it back for those who want it.

    A few things to keep in mind:
    - There are no donor ranks for the time being and I'm not sure if there will ever be any as they are not really beneficial at this size/time. That being said almost everyone already got refunded for their ranks when we first closed creative down so I've deleted those old ranks.
    - Everyone starts with a max of 4 plots, each plot being 300x300 if needed we will give you guys more over time.
    - I have kept it very barebones, no crazy flashy features (not that creative is usually fancy) and my goal was to give non donors/everyone access to all the basic unrestricted creative features such as worldedit and...

    Impending Prison Reset

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    Hey guys, prison will be resetting this week, Friday the 7 June at 3pm EST (Omega ranked players can start playing at 2pm EST). This reset focuses mainly on redesigning base concepts such as prestiging and fixing bugs. Here is a list of the main changes:
    • The prestige system has been changed to be infinite. Instead of increasing your rankup prices every time instead every prestige costs the same. Prison god tag will be earned at prestige 300.
    • Each week the players that have prestiged the most that week will earn automated momento money rewards. There will be a hologram at spawn displaying the top 10.
    • Removed enchant tokens and refactored the explosive enchant. This has been mainly been done because we saw prison become just about enchant tokens and it greatly devalued donor/crate picks. Now you can't enchant your picks anymore, you have to purchase them from donors or win them in crates. With that, the...

    Top Supporters - May 2019

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    Hey guys, as always a big thanks to everyone who has supported us for yet another amazing month! The top 10 voters and the top donor have earned themselves an extra little reward under the form of momento money.

    The top voters have been automatically rewarded and I have just rewarded the top donor. To check your new balance use /mm balance.

    Here are the winners

    Top donor:

    Top voters:

    Good luck to everyone competing for next months top supporters!​

    5 year anniversary!

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    Hey guys, I'd like to highlight the fact that in 2 days (may 19), it will officially make 5 years that momento has been around and striving. If you would of told me 5 years ago that my minecraft server would of been popular and for this long I would of never believed you!

    That being said, I would like to thank everyone past and present who have played or are still playing the server, not only have you allowed the community as a whole to grow over the years and to touch thousands of people from around the globe but you've personally allowed me to grow a lot as a person and I hope that I can make it up to you guys by keeping the server interesting for years to come!

    In honor of the above, I have set a 75% sale from now until the end of next weekend (ends may 26th).

    Heres to many more!

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