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      Chrisbeg's Introduction

      Hi. Welcome.
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      Hi, I'm Atlas. Thought I would make this because I doubt any of you remember me. Well, I'm back.
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      Yeet 1 mil blocks mined =D

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      Aight, time for me to say goodbye.

      I'm online maybe once every month, and I don't think I can keep it up. So I'm saying bye for now, and I've left a note for all people that were nice to me. Hope I didn't miss anyone. Alkiii - Ty for that pm :D uEthan - ur voice is creepy af Poppybear699 - you're the nicest person on the server...
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      Prison Reset

      wait why am I here
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      The Allegiant Nation

      Alkiii isn't mayor anymore, Silky is. Just wanna point that little quirk out
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      Question about the xp giving crates.

      So, Svennz and Silky both reached over 20k levels in xp. Their xp level is approaching 24k (24,791), which is 2,147,483,647 in xp, the 32-bit integer limit. However, it is possible to go beyond this using the /xp #L, which adds levels instead of xp. Using this, it is possible to get to 32k...
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      Application to erudite or somethin(i know i spelled it wrong))

      my friends are in it assuming they're my friends
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      Application to erudite or somethin(i know i spelled it wrong))

      just accept meh
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      The Greatest Forum Game

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      Animal letter game

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      The Greatest Forum Game

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      Favorite song

      I don't think anyone will be able to find these because they are so unknown. Akasha by xi (Arrangement by ThatDark PianoGuy) My Dearest by Animenz (Arrangement by Animenz) Forever by UnderwaterBeats Waterfall by UnderwaterBeats Delete! by UnderwaterBeats Moonlight by UnderwaterBeats Axiom by...
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      The Greatest Forum Game