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    1. FactionsGuardian

      Factions S11 [Friday @ 3pm EST]

      Skrt Skrt it was a hard and difficult season! ty guys see you next season
    2. FactionsGuardian

      Factions S10

      You're going down this season xoxox
    3. FactionsGuardian

      Factions S10

      EZ PZ GG GL HF
    4. FactionsGuardian

      Factions Suggestions next season.

      There is no need for this.
    5. FactionsGuardian

      DiscoGirls recruiting [Next Season]

      [1] What is your IGN? [2] What can you do for the faction? [3] What are you good at? [4] Why do you want to be in our faction? [5] Have you ever played factions before on Momento? [6] How active are you? [7] Do you have Discord? Mic isn't needed.
    6. FactionsGuardian

      Factions Suggestions next season.

      [-] Bring custom bosses back. [-] New spawn. [-] Custom koth zone. [-] Obsidian gen buckets cheaper. [-] Let Genbuckets gen further then 10Blocks. [-] Add in /shop trapped and normal chests. [-] Add grace period. [-] Change the 10seconds tp to 3seconds tp. [-] Let /f autoclaim work. [-] Let...
    7. FactionsGuardian

      Factions Suggestions for Factions

      [-] Make obsidian destroyable by creeper eggs [-] Bring /trade back [-] Make invis potions work [-] More pv's [-] ./fly in wild [-] Trench picaxe [-] Bring the deleted custom enchants back [-] Bring paypal back ;) [-] Let genbuckets go further then 10blocks [Horizontal] [-] Add chunk...
    8. FactionsGuardian

      Factions Factions Suggestions

      - spawn from s1 (Because that was the best map ever) - Bring 1.7 back to Factions (Because then will the cannons be fixet and pvp is just better) - Make a cap on mcmmo (Beacause its too overpowerd if you have 10k axes) - More power on accounts (Because than can solo people make a base...
    9. FactionsGuardian

      Forums name change application

      Old IGN: IDRINKW33D New IGN: ToggleGlitch Most commonly played gamemode(s): Factions
    10. FactionsGuardian

      Apply for revenge

      why denied im da best im die savage
    11. FactionsGuardian

      Apply for revenge

      How many hours can you place a week? 20-30 min per week How long have you played momento factions? Since s8 Please list ranks/privileges you have bought for factions: Champion, 2 Sellwands omega void etc etc why do you want to join us? I'm looking for a faction to join because I don't have one...
    12. FactionsGuardian

      Apply for china next season

      How many hours a week can you put into factions? minimum 25minutes maximum 30 minutes Do you have schematica? no what is schematica Can you make cactus farms fast? yeah What faction purchases have you made in the past? idk it was so much Why do you want to join our faction? bcs you are the...
    13. FactionsGuardian

      Rush B Blyat

      Rush B Blyat