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    Event Spleef Event

    ah well I mean we were already planning on doing events at least every 2 weeks, thats what I told chris when I hired him and what mama was tasked of doing. Verypoors thread brings up a few new interesting event ideas but spleef is not one of them. I don't want people thinking we haven't already...
  2. fergydanny

    Prison Prison V9- Community Suggestions

    I disagree with this. This is just normal, a rank that can get its pick every week should not be better than a pick you get once if you are lucky with the crate. Hard disagree on this too because we cant simply select what blocks use inventory and which do not so we have to leave it using...
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    Event Spleef Event

    this is spleef bro, who are we supposed to credit for that? this is just a regular event?
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    make my new alt island owner from my old alts island? (need staff)

    Sorry we can't give you some other users island no matter if you at one point used the alt or not. Try recovering the account thru mojang.
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    Towny Adding Mo' Creatures to Towny

    This isn't going to happen. Thanks for making a suggestion tho
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    Creative Reset

    Hey guys, as the title indicates, this thread is about the impending creative reset. Our creative server has been in need of some "lovin" and we've decided to work on a reset that would feature things that would entice players to play more and work towards actual goals instead of simply...
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    31 January 2019

    Changed the vote links to use the url shortener instead of googles as google is closing it down. Also added a new server list so there are now 6 links to vote on instead of 5
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    Cya later!

    cya dude, good luck with your other ventures in life
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    thanks, glad you are enjoying yourself :)
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    24 January 2019

    Remade the crates on prison to look cleaner and have more rewards, with that comes the re-introduction of multipliers in the form on 10 minute multipliers you get from crates..
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    Update your status...

    Update your status...
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    Towny Mob stacking

    It can't and wont ever be "toggleable". It was removed because people were complaining about it
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    20 January 2018

    Re-added global rank join messages, you can turn them on using /showjoin and off using /hidejoin. Sorry this took so long to be fixed. Made the towny PVP arena deeper so people dont accidentally jump out of the region with custom enchanted boots.
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    Global A new server possibility?

    Sorry this is not going to happen, modpacks have very niche playerbases and are 100x more complicated/annoying to maintain, trust me I had a pixelmon server for a while and it was hell.
  15. fergydanny

    16 January 2019

    Hey guys, I've decided to start doing these changelogs on the forums again instead of just in some discord channel most are probably muting. Anyways there has been quite a gap since the last time but starting today I will try to post all of the important stuff here again. Changes: The rule...