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    Recent content by fergydanny

    1. fergydanny

      Skyblock Island IP-Bans

      Unfortunately I don't see this easily being added. If you make your island public you open yourself up to this, people would still find ways around it. I will not be adding this, thanks for the suggestion tho
    2. fergydanny

      Prison Prison fix up

      Your suggestions will be taken into consideration for the next season, thanks
    3. fergydanny

      Prison Prison Suggestion

      Your suggestions will be taken into consideration for the next season, thanks
    4. fergydanny

      spawner glitch

      Please provide proof of this
    5. fergydanny

      Global Game modes need sorting - Please read

      let me know when you find the magic pill to getting playings on all gamemodes evenly, we can use it then.. No but we do try our best to keep the servers good, the advertising space sucks nowadays on mc so its not easy to get players/good ads.
    6. fergydanny

      Global Adbal Sign shops

      not going to happen as ingame items are vulnerable to dupes and we're not going to risk messing with momento money like that. Thanks for the suggestion tho
    7. fergydanny

      5 year anniversary!

      thats unfortunately no how sales work, they happen when they do.
    8. fergydanny

      5 year anniversary!

      Hey guys, I'd like to highlight the fact that in 2 days (may 19), it will officially make 5 years that momento has been around and striving. If you would of told me 5 years ago that my minecraft server would of been popular and for this long I would of never believed you! That being said, I...
    9. fergydanny

      Fixing the discord

      ^ its just visual for now as far as the online member count goes, if you click it it still tells you how to join so its all good
    10. fergydanny

      New punishments system

      Hey guys, in a further attempt to better the server, I have been working on a new punishments system to replace the current one we've been using for years as it clearly has its flaws (its easy to evade and its overall relatively "janky"). This new system doesn't come with many changes you will...
    11. fergydanny

      Updated topvoter & new streaks system!

      No, the rewards are for the top 10, not the top 11
    12. fergydanny

      Updated topvoter & new streaks system!

      Hi guys, I know there hasn't been much news recently but know that in the background, I am coding most of the day and working on new features and resets. That being said, today I bring to you a revamped /topvoter system. I recoded it fully from scratch and fixed multiple bugs. In addition to...
    13. fergydanny

      Global /votes

      do /topvoter count
    14. fergydanny

      Top supporters - April 2019

      Today. there was a bug so it didn't automatically reset the 1st.
    15. fergydanny

      Top supporters - April 2019

      Hey guys, as always thanks for the amazing month of support. Every month we give rewards to our top supporters (top voters & donor). You will all receive your prizes in the form of momento money (it will be added to your balance in a few minutes). Here are last months: Top donor: Top voters...