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    The use of any non-standard Minecraft clients that give an unfair advantage over other players is considered hacking. Examples include, but are not limited to, kill aura, anti-knockback, speed boosts, attack range increases, quick bow firing, and auto-aim. This also includes any auto scripts and disallowed mods. Any game changing clients found in a user’s Minecraft version folder will constitute a ban; if caught with game changing clients on your computer, you will be banned. Failure to comply with a staff member’s request for a hack check will result in banishment from the server.

    Punishment: Permanent banishment from the server/Network.


    The intentional use of mistakes, errors, or loopholes in any of the server plugins, plugin configurations, or Minecraft itself. Glitching includes, but is not limited to, getting through the bedrock and on top of the Nether, flying in fly-disabled zones, using Enderpearls to access closed off areas of the server, and misusing server features to access closed off areas of the server. Closed off areas of the server are any places that a user, staff or otherwise, has intentionally placed blocks to prevent another user from entering. This includes, but is not limited to, plots, bases, under-development sections of the server, mine walls, and faction bases, as well as improper use of a server feature to gain an drastic advantage over players that would otherwise not gain such advantage.

    Punishment: Permanent banishment from the server/Network. Treated the same as hacking.


    The use of threats, of any sort, are not tolerated on Momento Network. This includes, but is not limited to, death threats, DDoS threats, hack threats, doxxing threats and any other threats of violence, in-game or off the server. DDoS threats are especially not tolerated, in any fashion, towards anyone or anything, and will be dealt with immediately and harshly. Staff takes the security and safety of users very seriously and anyone threatening to DDoS will be assumed to be serious and capable of carrying out their threats. Nobody should joke about DDoS threats, or any other threats for that matter. Staff will NOT assume any given user is joking and WILL treat the threat seriously and act accordingly.

    Punishment: DDoS threats will result in permanent banishment from the server. All other threats will be issued a command warning and/or dealt with case-by-case as needed. Threatening to release any of a player's personal information (doxxing) without their consent will result in a permanent banishment.


    The intentional stating of another server name, IP address, website or discord invite links with the intent to poach users from Momento Network. Advertising your, or another person’s, social media is prohibited unless authorized by the server/Network senior staff; this includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, and Twitter. The medium used to advertise makes no difference and includes, but is not limited to, forum posts, private messages, signs, and in-game mail and private messages on our server discord. The accidental mention of another server name, depending on the context in which it is used, can still be considered advertising.

    Punishment: Directly and blatantly advertising will result in a permanent ban from the server/Network. Indirect, or accidental, advertising will be issued a command warning depending on the nature. Advertising social media is considered indirect advertising and will receive a command warning. Advertising after being warned will be punished as a direct advertisement. Staff reserve the right to punish on a case-by-case basis. Not all punishments will be the same depending on severity.


    In context using a phrase or word that would insult a group of peoples beliefs, religious views or background. The use of any racist terms, in any context, intentional or not, is not acceptable on Momento Network’s game servers or associated forums. There is absolutely no excuse to use any racial slur, of any type. Racism will not be tolerated in the following fashions and includes, but is not limited to, jokes, images, URL’s, greetings, private messages, or plot builds. Not knowing something is racist is not an excuse and does not absolve the offending user from punishment.

    Punishment: First offense will receive a 24-hour mute. Second offense a 48-hour mute. Third offense will be permanently muted. Staff reserve the right to punish on a case-by-case basis. Not all punishments will be the same depending on severity.

    Illegal transactions

    The selling of anything not related to the server for real money, ad balance, gift cards, in game money or in game items is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: alternate (alt) accounts, merchandise, steam items or other accounts. However selling items on the server such as services or items for ad balance or giftcards is allowed as long as the exchange does not involve real money. This goes for buying as well.

    Punishment: Permanent banishment from the server.


    The continued posting of the same letter, word, sentence, command in rapid succession. Spam is considered to be, but not limited to, random letters (gibberish), countdowns/countups, song lyrics, repeated phrases, double posting, or commands, including but not limited to, pay, teleport requests, and auctions.

    Punishment: Spam will be issued a command warning. Automatic punishment includes being kicked from the server, 5-minute mute, 10-minute mute, and 24-hour banishment from the server. Warnings expire after seven (7) days, however senior staff reserve the right to review a user’s extended warning history and take further action including taking away command permissions if necessary. Staff reserve the right to punish on a case-by-case basis. Not all punishments will be the same depending on severity.

    Inappropriate Content

    Any content, including but not limited to, links, conversations, or song lyrics that contain a sexually, morally, or spiritually explicit theme. This includes, but is not limited to, conversations regarding sex, genitals, sexual activities, acts of excessive violence, or references to any of the aforementioned. Such content will not be tolerated on the forums, Network server chats, private messages, signs, or in-game e-mails.

    Punishment: Basic offenses will be issued a command warning and treated the same as Spam, seen above. More extreme cases will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and may be punished with, up to, a permanent banishment from the server.


    Any and all server command nicknames (/nick) must contain an easily recognizable portion of the player’s original in-game name (IGN). Nicknames may not exceed the length of their original IGN. For IGN's less ten (10) characters in length, the character limit for a nickname is ten (10) characters.; formatting not included. A recognizable portion of the original IGN is considered, in the minimum, three consecutive letters taken from the beginning of the IGN, easily noticed in the nickname by a difference of colour or formatting. If an IGN has more than one easily distinguishable word, the previous minimum applies.

    Punishment: First offenses will be issued a verbal warning. Second offense will be issued a command warning. A third offense will result in the permanent removal of server command nickname (/nick) permissions.

    Griefing (Towny & Creative ONLY)

    Griefing is classified as the intentional, malicious destruction of another user’s builds, to include default server builds. Griefing includes, but is not limited to, the use of lava, TnT, water, mine carts, or animals to intentionally annoy, disrupt, or otherwise disturb another user’s build/plot.

    Punishment: First offense will be issued a one day (24 hour) temporary banishment from the server. Second offense will result in permanent banishment from the server.

    Minecraft Modifications (Mods)

    Our official allowed/disallowed mod/client modification list can be found here: Click me

    Punishment: The use of client modifications which have not been explicitly allowed results in permanent banishment from the server and network.


    The rule regarding scamming is that there is no rule against scamming. You are responsible for your own items, plot, money, etc. Staff are not responsible for returning any items lost through scamming, are not obligated to aid in trades to prevent scamming, and will not punish any player found or caught scamming. Agreeing to donate on behalf of another player in exchange for in-game items/money is not supported by the Momento Network staff and staff strongly suggest you NOT engage in such trades. Server staff are not allowed to scam players, in any way, shape, or form, and doing so will result in punitive action on a case-by-case nature; scamming staff is not against the rules and any staff that is scammed and uses staff permissions to return scammed items will receive punitive action.

    Ban/Mute Evasion

    The act of using an alternate account (Alt) or IP changer to access the server after having been banished from said server. Any account found to be sharing an IP address with a banished account will be treated as ban evasion for the sake of safety and security of the server. Players are responsible for their own IP address and should take their own, personal, steps to ensure that any other players that share their IP do not end up banished from the server. Mute evasion is classified as using any of the aforementioned means to circumvent a mute, temporary or otherwise.

    Punishment: Permanent banishment of any associated accounts. Mute evasion will, in the minimum, result in permanent muting of any associated accounts and, after further review, possibly even a banishment from the server.


    The act of attempting to enforce the rules while any member of the staff team is online and active in the chat. If a staff member is online and active then allow the staff member to deal with the issue; it is acceptable to send staff a private message pointing out a rule violation if it appears to have been missed. In the event no staff members are online, or are inactive (AFK), take a screen shot of the offense and post a report on the forums, then /ignore the offending user. Answering a question before a staff member is not mini-modding. Informing someone that spamming is against the rules, once, is not mini-modding. Posting on player reports to tell someone not to post on player reports is mini-modding. Posting on applications or reports telling someone to follow the format is mini-modding.

    Punishment: Will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and according to severity and history of offending player(s).

    Portal Trapping

    The act of intentionally creating a portal that allows another player to enter, but not exit, thus disabling their chat and ability to leave the portal.

    Punishment: Permanent banishment from the server.


    Any player found to have a long history of negative behavior, either in-game or on the forums, directed at either other players or the staff team. This includes, but is not limited to, frequently insulting any group of players or an individual, frequent hateful comments, constant accusations without proof, or constant limit pushing wherein the player does not directly violate any rules, but regularly comes very close.

    Punishment: Permanent banishment from the server after review by senior staff.

    Staff Impersonation

    Any method of convincing other players, intentional or not, that you are a member of the staff team. This includes, but is not limited to, including a staff member's name in your nickname, gang name, faction name, etc.

    Punishment: Permanent removal of nickname permissions, forceful disbanding of a gang/faction, and up to permanent banishment from the server for repeat offenses.


    Any in-game competition resulting in store credit/cash prizes, for example FTop, Island Top, or Prestige Top, shall only be granted once to each individual participant, per competition. For example, if an individual places first in FTop, the same individual is ineligible to win any other prizes in that same competition; the use of alternate accounts (Alts) or sharing of resources to friends is not permitted. Doing so will result in forfeiture of any prizes for both the offending individual and any Alts or friends, and may result in being barred from any future competitions.

    Punishment: No reward and possible banishment from future competitions.


    Voting on more than 3 accounts per day in order to get more rewards will not be tolerated. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.

    Punishment: Permanent ban.