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  1. Dr_Goudvis

    Prison Reset (8 March @ 3PM EST)

    Good Luck!
  2. Dr_Goudvis

    Prison Reset (8 March @ 3PM EST)

    Do players hold world edit + kit pvp? If they bought it in v8. If this is not, are they going to get some ad balance?
  3. Dr_Goudvis

    Prison Reset (8 March @ 3PM EST)

    Yeesss!!! Nice updates! It was time for reset (i think)
  4. Dr_Goudvis

    Prison Suggestions prison

    Suggestions prison : 1) Fly boost in warden crates. So that you can get a fly boost for 10min in the warden crates. 2) A village in the end. That there is also lood to find. Maybe spawners in the village. (more information = BabbyBlockBuster) 3) Co-leader rank in the gang. So that there can...
  5. Dr_Goudvis

    Ik ben een vis! / I'm a fish!

    Ik ben een vis! / I'm a fish!
  6. Dr_Goudvis

    New Chat & Tag System

    GG! Nice update also good for people on minechat! Edit: But you can't send pm's ingame...
  7. Dr_Goudvis

    Prison Gang color

    Maybe an idea that the gang color in the chat can be changed. So that the gang leader just can change the color for everybody in the gang. Because otherwise it is always light blue. Thanks in advance!
  8. Dr_Goudvis

    Halloween Giveaway - 1$ Ad Balance

  9. Dr_Goudvis

    Prison /afk

    I want is because i want to stand afk on my mobile but yea i can't click on start. So thats the reason i want it.. I can't go stand afk on my pc because my dad doesn't likes that...
  10. Dr_Goudvis

    Prison more items in hotbar slot

    At skyblock is this possible but not at prison i think
  11. Dr_Goudvis

    Prison /afk

    Maybe an idea to add a command. A command that ensures that you do not have to type [/ afk] first and then press start earning. But a command that you instantly start earning money like [/afk start] [/afk stop]. Because then it's faster. Thanks in advance!