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  1. KariKittyx

    Global Global

    Already denied this. No. Denied.
  2. KariKittyx

    Global Toet channel/Spam channel

    No. Denied.
  3. KariKittyx

    Skyblock Bring block stacker back to V10!

    One of the big reasons the server was nearly unplayable due to lag last reason was because of the block stacker plugin, among many others. We would have it added if it was a possibility. It will not be added back unless we can find a better alternative, and we would probably not add one...
  4. KariKittyx

    Guide Prison Q&A

    General Prison Questions; Q: My pickaxe is not great, how can I get a better one? A: There are multiple ways to get a better pickaxe. One of these is to purchase a new pickaxe either from another player or from the store page here. The best way to do so without spending neither in-game or real...
  5. KariKittyx

    Global SMP Game mode

    Yeah, honestly I know what an SMP is, but frankly what you described is our current Towny server. No server shop, player owned shop signs, a hard grind in the beginning to get items, teleports to peoples bases (basically their town), no griefing (in claimed areas, of course). The list goes on...
  6. KariKittyx

    Guide Ultimate Money Making Guide For Prison V9

    Okay, first off... This is slick, I am shook. Super helpful and informative and legitimately so well written. Earned yourself a pin, my friend.
  7. KariKittyx

    xX_Kawaii_Xx's Greetings!

    Glad to have had the pleasure of meeting you all! Enjoy your stay <3
  8. KariKittyx

    Prison Ad bal for prestige buff/fix

    I'm going to be closing this because this will just continue to be argued about. I completely understand the questions and suggestions, but as has been stated things will continue to be worked on and edited. Abusing and exploiting game mechanics is bannable, and the people involved did get...
  9. KariKittyx

    AD Link

    It's legitimately about getting lucky. We do not have lots of ad's available to us, it's first come first serve.
  10. KariKittyx

    AD Link

    People use VPN's to watch ad's around the world. It's available to everyone.
  11. KariKittyx


    You are banned from the Discord and I assume have been banned for a while, so that explains why you can't join. Nothing we can do. Sorry!
  12. KariKittyx

    Global Server-wide command suggestions

    For the Skyblock suggestion I'd love to see the crates for ALL servers have the same update that Prison had, would be nice. Concerning the other two... Not sure. The only reason /afk is on Prison is not for the purpose you listed, it's an AFK money making plugin. If someone doesn't reply after...
  13. KariKittyx

    Server Problems

    We're currently looking into this, hopefully, we can fix this as fast as possible and improve the experience for you all. We apologise!
  14. KariKittyx

    Global Ad balance message

    This has already been suggested and is being looked into by the staff team. Thank you for the report though! Closed.
  15. KariKittyx

    Towny ~ Suggestion ~ Torch Custom Enchants ~

    Overall a pretty cool idea but as has been said a few times by others, it wouldn't really add much to the server long term. I like the idea of torches giving off more light, but I'm 90% sure that the limitations for this mob spawning wise would cause it to just be useless. Radiance has the...
  16. KariKittyx

    Global Ad balance Message.

    This has already been suggested before and is being looked into. Thank you for your suggestion though! Closed.
  17. KariKittyx

    Skyblock Best Suggestion EVER.

    Mentioned this to you in discord last night, but as of right now there is no "fix" for lag. Once a reset is done (none planned or announced as of yet) we will hopefully be able to fix this, but mid-season it would be impossible without players losing items or progress. We do think we have...
  18. KariKittyx

    Im back (kinda)

    Love you bb, welcome back <3
  19. KariKittyx

    Sappy leaving thread

    Even though I knew that this was coming, I'm crying so hard... Man, I'm going to miss you so much even if you are only a message away. You are one of the people who has shaped my time on the staff team, my time in the community and just my life in general. You're literally one of the most...
  20. KariKittyx

    When are you coming home, Dad? It's been 12 years...

    When are you coming home, Dad? It's been 12 years...