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  1. Maszewski

    Global /showcase

    I see what you mean. :) I like the idea but it's not very practical. sry
  2. Maszewski

    Global /showcase

    Couldn't I just them put all my OP stuff int he showcase and keep it for the next reset? I think that's a bit OP. Also the idea is kinda... eh... I don't see how this is really beneficial as you could just [item] if you want people to see it.
  3. Maszewski

    Hey, My name is Jawney!

    Hey man, It's nice to meet you! :)
  4. Maszewski

    Skyblock Reset (22 March @ 4pm EST)

    Nice update! I was waiting for this to happen :D I will be looking forward to playing more skyblock and not just afking :) *Good thing I didnt make my cacti farm too op, it gonna be gone now :P.
  5. Maszewski

    Global Editable Signs

    So a few days ago I placed down over a stack of signs as a part of a plot-shop. And I noticed I filled in the value wrong and it's too much of a hassle to re-do a ton of signs. So I wanted to suggest a plugin that enables people to edit signs. You may have to look for a good one that works, but...
  6. Maszewski

    The Second Greatest Forum Game

  7. Maszewski

    The Second Greatest Forum Game

  8. Maszewski

    Global SMP Game mode

    Survival MultiPlayer *facepalm*
  9. Maszewski

    Guide Prison Q&A

    Possible questions to add could be: 1. What is ad balance? 2. How do I get some? 3. What can I use it for? You could combine these but, you forgot to mention ad balance. The "here" thread is outdated, might want to update it to the thread I made related to V9 here...
  10. Maszewski


    Are you the once persuading people to drink bleach? Killing too many people...
  11. Maszewski

    Feedback Momento Prison: V9 Thesis

    I will be quoting parts of the thesis and presenting my own opinion on the topic. The quote can be found in the spoiler as to not have a really big post. The thing is, ad balance can be used as a gift-card for the store, giving a way a load of ad balance (thinking in terms of the mount of...
  12. Maszewski

    The Second Greatest Forum Game

  13. Maszewski

    Community Help Section

    This would be very helpful! I've had to ask most of my questions in the discord, but not everyone has discord.
  14. Maszewski

    Prison Bone Blocks in the shop

    Is it possible to place 1.9+ blocks if the server supports 1.8? If so you could just craft a bone block.
  15. Maszewski

    Guide Ultimate Money Making Guide For Prison V9

    Wow thanks Kari! :D
  16. Maszewski

    The Second Greatest Forum Game

  17. Maszewski

    Prison /shop Price Lowered

    Well considering you get less than 20K per inv at the start, a 200K price tag per block for wood is quite expensive. Maybe just a 99% cost reduction (as I stated in the original post).
  18. Maszewski

    Prison /shop Price Lowered

    With the new update, the economy has lowered. This means that the prices for items in the shop have become very expensive for new people. I suggest lowering it by maybe 99% or 99.9% (as have everything else) to fit the new economy. I've seen in chat people asking for money to buy the things off...
  19. Maszewski

    Guide Ultimate Money Making Guide For Prison V9

    I know there is already a prison money making guide, but it's outdated and not valid for the update. I thought I would make one for you guys relating to the most recent prison update! (V9). I'll be going over five ways to earn money fast: 1. Mining 2. Ranks 3. Plot-Shops 4. Trades 5. Deals...
  20. Maszewski

    The Second Greatest Forum Game