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  1. fergydanny

    Creative Closing

    Hi guys, the time has come to remove creative from our network. It has been fully free to play (and dead) for the last 1-2+ years. It would be more beneficial for everyone if we just got rid of it and focused on what matters which is fixing up our gamemodes that still get decent playercounts...
  2. fergydanny

    Momento's future

    Dont feel guilty, I don't even remember what happened. Welcome back and thanks for the kind words
  3. fergydanny

    Momento's future

    I've been unbanning most on dc as long as it wasnt too bad
  4. fergydanny

    Skyblock & Prison Reset Details

    Hey guys, people have been asking for a reset thread. I'll keep it simple because these resets in themselves are rather simple. They will make future resets easier/better. When? at 3pm EST this Friday the 18th December (2pm for Omegas) Skyblock: Went back to old spawner eco players liked...
  5. fergydanny

    Factions Rules

    1. No glitch raiding, this includes enderpearls, boats, /back or any of the sort to glitch into someones base. 2. No completely blocking off/surrounding/watering spawners. Spawners must be raidable. Offending factions will be disband. This also includes fully stringing your base. 3. 20...
  6. fergydanny

    Momento's future

    PS join our discord for live updates: https://momentonetwork.net/discord Updates Done: 15 December: Cleared all in-game punishments Removed alt limits Skyblock closed until reset, winners: https://gyazo.com/ff2017838e7e6ef5a0afd999c51f4ab1 [prizes have been sent] Prison closed until reset
  7. fergydanny

    Momento's future

    Hey guys, don't be frightened by the title, this is not a goodbye but rather an explanation of why the servers in the state its in and whats in store for the future. Buckle up, this might be a long one. First off, I want to explain a bit about the history of the server. The server started in...
  8. fergydanny

    Global hope youse are doing well

    Happy bday, happy holidays to you and thanks for the kind words
  9. fergydanny

    New Coupon System

    Hey guys, as announced a few days ago, we have now transitionned from our old MM (MomentoMoney)/Giftcard system onto a coupon based system. Here are the things you need to know about this new system: - The main command is /coupons, that is where you will get a list of your last 20 earned...
  10. fergydanny

    Factions Reset

    Hey guys, the factions reset is due and will be live this friday the 4th of December at 3pm EST (2pm for omegas). For this season we have a few requested changes and also a few controversial ones. First and foremost I want to apologize for the delay and lack of information regarding this reset...
  11. fergydanny

    Upcoming MomentoMoney changes!

    Hey guys, Today I am announcing that after the black friday sale (so around Tuesday the 1st of December), we will be removing MomentoMoney (aka Adbal). At the moment you earn MM (MomentoMoney) by winning competitions and events and such and you can then redeem it for store giftcards and use...
  12. fergydanny

    Skyblock how do i get whitelisted

    You will just have to wait until the public release
  13. fergydanny

    Factions Reset

    Hey guys, its time for the next factions reset. Here are the details: When? This Saturday the 24th October at 3pm EST (2pm for omega donors) What? - Revamped Eco - Made it so you cant place spawners in enderchests - New Spawn, Warzone, Koth builds - New outposts (special koth events happening...
  14. fergydanny

    Prison Reset Details

    Hi guys, here are the details for the upcoming prison reset: Date: Friday September 25 @ 3pm EST (2pm for omega ranked players) Notable changes: Re-introduced competitions tho this time it will solely be a blocks broken competition that resets every 2 weeks. Prizes and payout dates can be...
  15. fergydanny

    Factions Reset Details

    Hi guys, here are the details for the upcoming reset: Date: Friday September 18 @ 3pm EST (2pm EST for omega ranked players) Notable changes: Bought a new more expensive cannoning jar, should fix cannons and a bunch of other things Changed builds Re-added factions top (/ftop) Re-added...
  16. fergydanny

    Skyblock Reset Details

    Hi guys, here are the details for the upcoming reset: Date: Saturday September 12 @ 3pm EST (2pm EST for omega ranked players) Notable changes: Removed our train theme (I agree with some people that it was confusing for people). Added a new donor rank, SkyBoss. It comes with everything...
  17. fergydanny

    Survival Reset Details

    Hey guys, here are the details about the upcoming reset: Date: Friday September 11 @ 3pm EST (2pm EST for Omegas) Notable Changes: Updated the server version to 1.16.2 Renaming the server from towny to survival. New spawn. Courtesy of @uhXeno Removed backwards compatibility (fixes a lot of...
  18. fergydanny

    Re-introducing competitions

    forgot to mention, of course omega gets 1h pre-access as they normally do to all these resets!
  19. fergydanny

    Re-introducing competitions

    that's pretty much what it was before, the server usually gets stale at the 6-8th week so no point in keeping it dead like an extra month
  20. fergydanny

    Re-introducing competitions

    Hi guys, I have decided after popular demand to bring back competitions. Truth is I burned myself out trying to keep up with fast resets and competition payouts for the last year and then I ended up taking the drastic decision to remove them. Obviously seeing our playercounts and player...