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  1. Lifebringer

    Defending Our uwu Rights

    didnt ask
  2. Lifebringer

    didnt ask tyall niceall

    didnt ask tyall niceall
  3. Lifebringer

    My (final) Resignation

    Thanks for being such a good staff member for the server, and also throughout the years being a good friend and someone I could always have a laugh with. love u homie
  4. Lifebringer


    Have a good one conway, you were a good friend and a good memer. Good luck in life, wish you the best my man!
  5. Lifebringer

    My Old Momento Screenshots (It's Finally Here!) <3

    God I miss those days, thanks for bringing back some of the memories lmao
  6. Lifebringer

    Leaving (DELETED)

    The people you are apologizing to are not the ones who need the apology, really. You're not actually apologizing or trying to get through your mistakes. You're running from them and apologizing simply to the ones who you've done no wrong to. Confusing, really.
  7. Lifebringer

    Let's Talk!

    You're talking about OGs... sorry who are you?
  8. Lifebringer

    Draconic Application Form! Also the answer to the last question is yes. If you have any concerns DM me on discord: Jay Ferguson#9953
  9. Lifebringer


  10. Lifebringer

    Jay's re-introduction.. I'm back lads

    Maybe a homie BJ, thats about it bud.. and remember, wear socks or it's gay
  11. Lifebringer

    Jay's re-introduction.. I'm back lads

    main is 88 pker is 67
  12. Lifebringer

    Jay's re-introduction.. I'm back lads

    Why hello there yung karambwans, it is I, Jay. Most of you have probably already heard of me or have talked with me, but for those of you who haven't had the blessing, you'll know a little more about me when this is over. For starters, I am a 17 (almost 18) year old who loves football, if...
  13. Lifebringer

    I am Fergergy. I am your overlord.

    Are you a drunk or an alcoholic? And no, I'm not related to Justin Bieber, old man.
  14. Lifebringer

    I'm back!

    "Superior to all of you".. Looks like you're forgetting I exist. I'll let it slide this one time.
  15. Lifebringer

    20m Give Away Hosted by MtnDew / Jakrie

    @MtnDewMan1497 Hey, another washed up staff member here, just to tell you you're toxic, a skid and should stop being a fuck.
  16. Lifebringer

    Revisit's discord ban appeal via MtnDew

    You're all amateurs, none of you are really toxic. Not until you've seen my League ban history.
  17. Lifebringer

    For Prison: MCMMO

    McMMO has it's ups and downs, it was a feature in V1. However it was mainly removed due to axes. Prison is op pvp, and axes kind of just ruined armor, and the frequence of the kits makes it kind of hard to keep your armor while pvping with and against axes. It can be capped but even with a low...
  18. Lifebringer

    Delete this

    Delete this
  19. Lifebringer

    Miss You When I'm Gone

    Ay, we've had quite the ride, but overall I think you'll be just fine in life, hopefully you come talk to me once in a while, because you're a good friend even if you can act stupid sometimes, so does everyone though. Good luck with all your future plans bro!
  20. Lifebringer


    I don't understand what the issue of a paypal prize is? You're basically potentially getting 200$ for just playing Factions better than others, it's not only about grinding, you can raid and sabotage others.