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  1. WelWeirdMan

    Skyblock Envoys on Skyblock

    I agree with this, a lot more people would go in the envoy if you could get ad bal from it
  2. WelWeirdMan


  3. WelWeirdMan

    I think should be a forum section for questions

    noooo.. Not a lot of people actually have discord tho. Also the discord server doesn't have a channel dedicated to questions
  4. WelWeirdMan

    What's Your Favorite Part About the Reset?

    I like how they managed to make it OP but also hard. It's not easy, but not too hard but still OP. I like it
  5. WelWeirdMan

    I think should be a forum section for questions

    That way, when a question gets answered and someone in the future has the same question they can search in the forum section for questions
  6. WelWeirdMan

    karikittyx <3

    I agree, Karykittyx is very helpful and deserves more credit than she gets right now
  7. WelWeirdMan

    WelWeirdMan :D

    I've been playing for about a month on this server and everyone seems really friendly, so I thought I'd introduce myself here. I'm 16 years old and live in the netherlands. Most of my time is spent on this server or school. I used to play skyblock alot but since last prison reset I'm grinding...