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  1. fergydanny

    Introducing Momento Money

    I fixed the decimal visual issue :) and yeah it sucks that it got to a point where only a few select people could get ads, unfair for the majority of people.
  2. fergydanny

    Introducing Momento Money

    70 ads are worth 70 cents my dude, and the people receive a 50$ giftcard, thats broken. There will not be prizes as its an unfair competition. When ad tops were thousands of ads during the month it was worth giving out the prize but like 70 ads, hell nah Yup but we plan on adding more ways.
  3. fergydanny

    Introducing Momento Money

    Hey guys, as you might have seen in the discord announcements, we've come out with a new currency to replace ad balance (before you panic, your old balances were transferred over). Basically we wanted to remove the ad system for a while as its not giving people ads at all and only a few lucky...
  4. fergydanny

    Global Holograms in different languages

    You can go ahead and link me the source of the plugin, either here or via PM so I can take a look, though I have to warn you theres a pretty low chance of this being added.
  5. fergydanny

    Skyblock PVP area.

    I agree with the flowers, totally didn't think of the fact people would accidentally hit them instead of the player. Removed them all. Thanks
  6. fergydanny

    Global /showcase

    I dont really see this being added, people like to instead just showcase stuff on their islands and such. Thanks for the suggestion tho
  7. fergydanny

    Global /staff

    Added, use /staff
  8. fergydanny

    Global Anti-Spam

    Shopz is right, we also already have a few plugins supposedly preventing spam but people will always find ways around it. Thanks for the suggestion, this will always remain an on-going issue that we constantly try to fix.
  9. fergydanny

    Global Auto Clicking

    Thanks for the suggestion but I dont see anything like this being implemented any time soon. Its just how the game has gotten, if people cant earn money while offline here they'll go somewhere else where they can.
  10. fergydanny

    Global New Store Adds

    I agree with shopz, this will remain a donor rank perm. Thanks for making a suggestion tho
  11. fergydanny

    Global Tags & Names

    Not going to implement this. Thanks for making a suggestion tho
  12. fergydanny

    Towny Spawners

    Maybe in the future for the spawner stuff as for the set warp part, that's nobody elses fault. Anyways thanks for making a suggestion
  13. fergydanny

    Towny Auto sort system

    That's most likely because of the redstone/mechanics restrictions we have to ensure a lag free experience for everyone. It will not be changed. Thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion
  14. fergydanny

    Global Toggleable sellblock.

    I unfortunately dont see this happening, thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion tho
  15. fergydanny

    Global Reaction Top

    The reaction already rewards the winner with a key for each win, I don't see myself adding an extra reward to something so basic. Thank you for the suggestion tho
  16. fergydanny

    Global Shared music streaming

    Sorry for the late response but I think the people who want to use plug dj can make their own micro communities, I don't see myself administering one any time soon. I haven't heard of people using it in ages
  17. fergydanny

    Skyblock craft wand

    This seems like a rather pointless addition when it takes seconds to do the real thing. I will not be adding this, thank you for taking the time to make a suggestion tho
  18. fergydanny

    Global /pv naming

    This seems like more work than its worth. I dont see this being a thing in the near future, thanks for the suggestion tho
  19. fergydanny

    Factions about 2 things

    Added a 3s cooldown and removed poppies from IG drops. Thanks for the suggestions
  20. fergydanny

    Towny Toggleable Mob Stacking

    We'll consider this in the future, last time we stacked mobs on towny people kept complaining. Anyways thanks for the suggestion, it will be kept in mind