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  1. YoItsCrazy

    Crazy's Intro

    "it's been a while hasn't it. haven't played in a while, or at least not actively. my last introduction is, I believe, in the retired staff section, so I thought it'd be a good idea to make a new introduction!" - My old friend, Maart Well I guess it's my turn! I first joined Momento in...
  2. YoItsCrazy

    I am CrazyCreeper0301!

    Hey you! Yes, you! Why are you here? My life is anything but interesting... Why are you still reading this? Fine, fine. Let me get started. Well, I'm the legend, CwazyCweeperOhTreeOhJuan. Many of you know me as Crazy, Creeper, or "that kid". If I see you calling me creeper, or that kid, I will...