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  1. Shopz

    Prison Prison fix up

    Love it, but if players have /pv and /plot home they'd have no need to put their valuables in a place where they can be stolen. As for the rest of the suggestions, I'm all for them.
  2. Shopz

    Introducing Momento Money

    Cool! Is voting the only way to earn now? Or will new ways of earning be added?
  3. Shopz

    Retiring creative

    F rip creative, gonna miss people giving me hacked books and telling me to open them.
  4. Shopz

    Clicks Per Second test (CPS)

    Mouse fell off the table for this.
  5. Shopz

    Okay worms...

    No doubt, Destiny was a crazy game. I definitely put a ton of hours into it, especially D2. I might have to check out Anthem now.
  6. Shopz

    Okay worms...

    Phew, I'm glad you're on the winning side. Still trying to decide if I should get Anthem. Is it really that good? I'd be down.
  7. Shopz

    goal of towny

    In towny, you first join a town. You're welcome to join Opportunity if you haven't found a town already. Anyways, you use /jobs browse to find a job that suits your play style. Opportunity has a community mob grinder, so you can select the "hunter" job and make money by killing mobs there. You...
  8. Shopz

    Sell Stick

    Emerald shops are most profitable out of the four others. I'd suggest only buying emeralds, but the issue is probably due to your donor rank. You can only sell what your donor mine has in it. I'm sure the shop prices can be modified to fit in other blocks, but the easiest way around this is to...
  9. Shopz

    Global /showcase

    I'd like to submit an island to showcase: @Raider20
  10. Shopz

    Skyblock Reset (22 March @ 4pm EST)

    No, the new spawners just add more variety and a change from just iron golem spawners.
  11. Shopz

    Skyblock Reset (22 March @ 4pm EST)

    That's usually the issue with resets, sorry about that. If you start on it again with the new reset, you'll have plenty of time to make sure it's looking nice. Congrats!!
  12. Shopz

    Hey, My name is Jawney!

    Haven't got the chance to meet you, as I came back around December. Looking forward to seeing you in-game!
  13. Shopz

    Skyblock Reset (22 March @ 4pm EST)

    What would you do with the extra time? Skyblock is getting reset so anything you would do would be reset too?
  14. Shopz

    Skyblock Reset (22 March @ 4pm EST)

    Looks great. Really looking forward to this!
  15. Shopz

    Happy birthday nurdo

    Happy birthday nurdo
  16. Shopz

    The Second Greatest Forum Game

  17. Shopz

    CaptainCatNebula = TheKalien

    Kalifornia Cool name! Was super confused when I first saw you in-game until I saw your dad tag.
  18. Shopz

    AD Link

    You can use a browser extension to only change your IP when browsing.
  19. Shopz

    Guide The Answer: Why is Skyblock down?

    No, there was a temporary service outage a week ago.
  20. Shopz

    Skyblock Hey, why not warn people when they do something naive?

    Both this and a confirmation message for /ci should really be added. Completely agree!