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  1. Eloyyy

    Sappy leaving thread

    Rip no dutch staff anymore
  2. Eloyyy

    Never Thought of Doing This but here it goes...

    Oof raider, this introducion.. its so soo bright xd nice to know more about you <3
  3. Eloyyy

    Cya later!

    Will miss you bro <3 stay safe out here and hopefully we can play egg wars together soon! Zet hem in de cono :D
  4. Eloyyy

    Global New Store Perks/Ranks?

    Joris stole al my ideas :o I’ll agree with them though
  5. Eloyyy

    Game setups

    Hey, Im always wondering how other gaming setups look like from the momento players. You can post your setup below this. ↓ Here's mine (I know its not the most beautifullest but idc lel x)
  6. Eloyyy

    Chrisbeg's Introduction

    Welcome Chris, enjoy your stay here and i look forward to work with you on skyblock at our island and as staff, so goodluck with being manager!
  7. Eloyyy

    I guess this is goodbye.

    Gunna miss u momiii <3 stay safe and hope to see you around some days :3 goodluck with life! Ps your child is really cute
  8. Eloyyy

    Heyo, I'm Eloyyy

    Heya, Im Eloy also known as Eloyyy. Facs about me: 1.Im 15 years of age 2. Im from the Netherlands 3. My sport is Ministox Racing 4. I love Kapsalon like forreal its heaven (Its basically Fries, with döner,chicken or shoarma with cheese and a salat so its also a kind of healthy xD) 5. Im...
  9. Eloyyy

    Dj is back :D

    Welcome back DJ! Enjoy your stay again :D
  10. Eloyyy

    Forums name change application

    Old IGN: EloypvP New IGN: Eloyyy Most commonly played gamemode(s): Skyblock
  11. Eloyyy

    Im leaving.

    Not that nice lol, you made your way up to mod xD
  12. Eloyyy

    I have changed.

    Bcz you fkd up my carreer here
  13. Eloyyy

    I gonna quit forever

    hey its eloy, i gonna quit because im really bussy in life. With my sport (Ministox Racing) and with my school. Im also getting sick from a computer.. i also discovered that there is more than a pc with minecraft lol. I want to thank 2 people for the past years. @Erxoan Your one of the best...
  14. Eloyyy

    I have changed.

    Your still toxic
  15. Eloyyy

    am back

  16. Eloyyy

    am back

    Tjoto klotoooo!! Wb i still quitted lmao
  17. Eloyyy

    Give me my keys. I got scammed

    What about no
  18. Eloyyy

    Final Goodbye.

    I knew it.
  19. Eloyyy

    Eloy's come back.

  20. Eloyyy

    Eloy's come back.

    Whatsupp, I never expected that I gonna make this post, but here is the post lmao. Anyways, im comming back I think. Many people asked me to come back and stuff, so I made the conclusion that I come back. I know my English is really bad its because I haven't spoken English anymore since I...