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    1. Vumby

      5 year anniversary!

      Congratz, Momento's birthday is 1 day before my own birthday :D Yeet
    2. Vumby

      Cool :D

      Cool :D
    3. Vumby


    4. Vumby


    5. Vumby

      Clicks Per Second test (CPS)

      Normal clicking: Jitter clicking: Butterfly clicking:
    6. Vumby

      Problemen met island

      De skyblock server heeft een reset gehad, iedereen is zijn eiland en alle spullen kwijt. Je zal een nieuw eiland moeten maken en opnieuw moeten beginnen. (Ik ben trouwens geen staff, maar er zijn volgensmij geen staff members die nederlands spreken op dit moment)
    7. Vumby

      Prison Reset (8 March @ 3PM EST)

      Does this mean autosell and /sellall got removed or is it just an extra feature?
    8. Vumby

      Cya later!

      I will miss you shft. Good luck in school and I hope to see you when you're done with your school, bye. :(
    9. Vumby

      Animal letter game

    10. Vumby

      Guess the age of the user above you.

      I think you're 18
    11. Vumby

      Guess the age of the user above you.

    12. Vumby

      Chrisbeg's Introduction

      Hey Chris, nice to see you as the new manager on here! Hope you will enjoy your stay here
    13. Vumby

      No u

      No u
    14. Vumby

      Hai, I’m Shft :)

      You forgot 1 thing, youre bad at pvp (jk ly <3)
    15. Vumby

      Void Recruitment

      [+] What is your IGN?: RichNoob [+] How active can you be?: 1-2 hours a day [+] What ranks do you have on Factions?: Champion [+] What other special perks do you have (Fly, Infinate sell wand etc.)?: I dont know anymore if I have other things [+] Do you have Discord? If so what’s your...
    16. Vumby

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

    17. Vumby

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

    18. Vumby

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

    19. Vumby

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

    20. Vumby

      New Chat & Tag System

      The problem with gang chat on prison is now fixed with the global chat, but if you have your plot chat toggled on and your gang chat you are also talking in both at the same time now.