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    1. Braynt

      discord suggestion

      Personally, I like that they disabled the ability to change nicknames in the discord. Keeps it cleaner imo and less annoying people with disturbing/inappropriate/etc. nicknames. You could just ask certain staff to change it for you. I'm sure they'll do it if they can and aren't busy at the...
    2. Braynt

      Global Another skywars event?

      It's Braynt, and I don't have to say anything positive if I don't feel like it. And it just a rating on the internet lmao. You also could've just pm'd me on here instead of adding extra drama to your message. The only reason I rated it boring is because of: It's completely unnecessary to add...
    3. Braynt

      Tag doesnt come

      He wasn't talking about a rank, he was talking about a custom tag token. Try /tag balance or do /tags to see the command (if you didn't email support already)
    4. Braynt

      5 year anniversary!

    5. Braynt

      Fixing the discord

      That is because the page linked to it has changed. Instead of there being an invite link it goes to another page that tells you to go in-game to get an invite link to prevent advertisers. You can check this post for everything although it isn't much...
    6. Braynt

      Official allowed/disallowed mod list

      There's literally no advantage into living in a different time in my opinion. I assume you're talking about daily reboots. Daily reboots are between midnight and 1AM EST meaning people in Canada / a part of the US have to stay up late if they want to afk. You on the other hand live in the...
    7. Braynt

      Skyblock Suggestion for scamming

      Scamming has been allowed since the very start. Personally, I don't see a reason why they should now randomly change it after 4+ years. Simply don't trade with people you don't trust.
    8. Braynt

      Global directe ban voor mensen die met kanker schelden!!!

      Er is al uitgelegd wrm een tijdelijke ban geen niet helpt, een mute zal ook niet helpen. (It has already been explained why a temp ban wouldn't help, a mute won't help either).
    9. Braynt

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

    10. Braynt

      Skyblock Autobuy for Schematica

      Honestly, this is an amazing idea. I've seen this feature on multiple other servers and have tested it on them as well and something like this is usually even faster than the normal printer from schematica it self.
    11. Braynt


      No, if staff members get demoted they must've done something wrong themselves and the staff team can always use extra help with monitoring the servers. Can we let this forum game die? It hasn't been touched for months until today.
    12. Braynt

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

    13. Braynt

      Permanen mute Roaldje

      You were muted for having an inappropriate name. You can appeal your mute here: https://momentonetwork.net/forums/pending-new-appeals.57/ (this is the ban appeal section but just say it's a mute appeal).
    14. Braynt

      Global directe ban voor mensen die met kanker schelden!!!

      Staff will look at it when they can, though because staff looks at it doesn't mean it gets added. My opinion on this: Personally, I don't think temp banning is going to help in any way, shape, or form in this case. All it will cause is more toxicity, which is what nobody wants. I get that some...
    15. Braynt

      Top supporters - April 2019

      It usually never matters when Danny takes the screenshot because the vote top usually automatically resets at the start of each month but this time there was something wrong apparently. You can't blame him for it either because he didn't know and pretty much all the vote top announcements are...
    16. Braynt

      Top supporters - April 2019

      The attached photo is made at 9:37AM Dutch time I assume, meaning it was 3:37AM in Canada at the time. Meaning the vote top day already reset and TheJuniorVice could've voted himself to get back on that list by that time. Not sure how it would be unfair for anyone? Yes, there was a bug as Danny...
    17. Braynt

      Feedback No Hit Glitch

      How fast do you click if I may ask? Something like this could be easily caused by the anti-cheat picking up you're clicking too fast. This issue happened to me so many times back in the day and the issue I personally found was my clicking speed. Whenever I would jitterclick or butterfly click...
    18. Braynt

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

    19. Braynt

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

    20. Braynt

      DirtRiders are coming to an end.

      Posting something like this isn't gonna help his ban appeal at all. If he got himself muted for racism he should've understood that he isn't allowed to talk in any way, shape, or form while muted (or he could've referred to /rules or even the rule page here: https://momentonetwork.net/rules/ for...