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  1. fergydanny

    Towny Mob stacking

    It can't and wont ever be "toggleable". It was removed because people were complaining about it
  2. fergydanny

    20 January 2018

    Re-added global rank join messages, you can turn them on using /showjoin and off using /hidejoin. Sorry this took so long to be fixed. Made the towny PVP arena deeper so people dont accidentally jump out of the region with custom enchanted boots.
  3. fergydanny

    Global A new server possibility?

    Sorry this is not going to happen, modpacks have very niche playerbases and are 100x more complicated/annoying to maintain, trust me I had a pixelmon server for a while and it was hell.
  4. fergydanny

    16 January 2019

    Hey guys, I've decided to start doing these changelogs on the forums again instead of just in some discord channel most are probably muting. Anyways there has been quite a gap since the last time but starting today I will try to post all of the important stuff here again. Changes: The rule...
  5. fergydanny

    Charging back what i buyed

    Sorry you are not eligible for an unban.
  6. fergydanny

    Charging back what i buyed

    You seem to have been store banned back in august
  7. fergydanny

    Charging back what i buyed

    These people may be helping you lose your money. If you chargeback we will dispute it and most likely win, that would result in you being banned and not getting your money back. When you make a purchase you agree to the fact that there wont be any refund for any reason.
  8. fergydanny

    New look

    wrong thread homie
  9. fergydanny

    Towny Item Stacking in Hoppers

    It probably won't ever be vanilla speeds for the reason you mentioned. Sorry if that makes timing stuff harder
  10. fergydanny

    New look

    They are, web dev is working on it
  11. fergydanny

    New look

    oh yeah thats right
  12. fergydanny

    New look

    Aren't you discord banned?
  13. fergydanny

    New look

    Scratch that, you were on the wrong theme, I forced you over to the good one
  14. fergydanny

    New look

    check your preferences and make sure you are using the new theme, theres a chance you are using an old one since you had the perms to bypass the forced change.
  15. fergydanny

    New look

    Its a totally different web panel that's been done by the web dev, I'll ask him if its possible but not sure. Either way its not really the important part of the punishments.
  16. fergydanny


  17. fergydanny

    Top Supporters - December 2018

    Hey guys, as always thanks for the amazing month of support. It would not be possible without you all. Here are last months supporters who have earned themselves a special reward. Top voters: (Check forum pms) Top donor: (Check forum pms) Top ad watchers: (Have already received their...
  18. fergydanny

    Factions Reset (Season 8)

    Hey guys, as you might have noticed the factions server has been down since the last season ended (January 1). We have been working on fixing some bugs and changing stuff. This season will contain minor visual changes but a good few fixes behind the scenes. Here is a short list of some changes...
  19. fergydanny

    Factions Suggestions for factions. [Next Season]

    [-] Normal enchants [Without custom enchants] Nah [-] Fixed TNTmechanics, Fixed printer I will try for the millionth time [-] Make the drop rate from spawners higher (% of how much the chance is that they drop) Made them 100% [-] Make crates better Others are right, I think they are fine [-] Add...