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    1. uhTivs

      Skyblock reset

      That is what the island top is about. So yes, island levels will be a thing again.
    2. uhTivs

      Shft/Shaft’s re-introduction

      Welcome back! Its really fun to play with you while in the discord vc with you! Only downside of you in pvp is the shoogah xD
    3. uhTivs

      Devil / Dulsl's intro

      ok I’ll marry u again, if u wanna <3
    4. uhTivs

      Devil / Dulsl's intro

      You are always afk tho :(
    5. uhTivs


    6. uhTivs

      Devil / Dulsl's intro

      Nice intro Devil / Dulsl ! Ps. sorry for divorcing you <3
    7. uhTivs

      Tysm! <3

      Tysm! <3
    8. uhTivs


      Nice to know more about you 'E-girl'. Hope to play with you again soon!
    9. uhTivs

      Sell An Unsellable Product

      Want to know how to control your pc blindly? This is how! Wired phone without the wire.