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    1. Tivs__

      Prison Different prestige colors.

      I mean, it is a nice idea, but arent your Nicknames/tags colorfull enough? Why change the 4 characters (P100) when you can just have a rainbow nickname? But thats just my opinion.
    2. Tivs__

      Recruitment for island

      Hi, thank you for filling in this form, but I'd really like to stay in contact with the island members on discord. Maybe you can use discord for this? My discord is Tivs#6335, just pm me on discord and you are in. :D
    3. Tivs__

      Recruitment for island

      Hey, Because people asked me this a lot, here it is. This is about next season Skyblock, we MIGHT want to recruit more people for our island. Our Current team is Tivs__, AJPita, Bleachinq, and _Kelsea_. Ok, let's start by saying, we need to know you before we allow you to join the island. You...
    4. Tivs__

      Skyblock reset

      That is what the island top is about. So yes, island levels will be a thing again.
    5. Tivs__

      Shft/Shaft’s re-introduction

      Welcome back! Its really fun to play with you while in the discord vc with you! Only downside of you in pvp is the shoogah xD
    6. Tivs__

      A question about Top Prestiges:

      The P-top resets every week, so if you get in the P-top each week, u get MM Bal every week. The only thing u dont get MM Bal for is prestiging 25 times after hitting P300. Hope this helps you.
    7. Tivs__

      Devil / Dulsl's intro

      ok I’ll marry u again, if u wanna <3
    8. Tivs__

      Devil / Dulsl's intro

      You are always afk tho :(
    9. Tivs__


    10. Tivs__

      Devil / Dulsl's intro

      Nice intro Devil / Dulsl ! Ps. sorry for divorcing you <3
    11. Tivs__


      the only rewards you can get you can see by doing: '/prestige rewards'
    12. Tivs__

      recruiting people for Deathzone {next season}

      [1] IGN: Tivs__ . [2] Age: 16. [3] What can you do for the faction?: Whatever is needed. [4] Why do you want to join the factions?: Because I want to play factions again and I want to do it with a great team. [5] Did you ever played factions? Yes [6] Do you have discord? And do you have a...
    13. Tivs__

      Feedback This is so dumb.

      As weird as it might sound, building penises or some in that kind is allowed.
    14. Tivs__

      Feedback This is so dumb.

      When you vote you can open the crates, if you get lucky you might get keys for higher crates. Another thing you can do is just ask in chat for a higher pickaxe. Some are willing to give you a pickaxe.
    15. Tivs__

      Feedback This is so dumb.

      You said ‘nerf the correct things’. Danny made the right choice nerfing this. You might wonder why, the simple reason is some people were PrisonGod in 1 day. Now it has become a grind, like in my opinion prison should be.
    16. Tivs__

      Dutch - Spawners

      Spawners dont work on your plot, spawners only work in the free world Natural mob spawning doesn't work, but spawners do spawn mobs.
    17. Tivs__

      Tysm! <3

      Tysm! <3
    18. Tivs__

      Global Mm money

      VPN doesn't allow you to vote more often on 1 site.
    19. Tivs__


      Nice to know more about you 'E-girl'. Hope to play with you again soon!
    20. Tivs__

      Sell An Unsellable Product

      Want to know how to control your pc blindly? This is how! Wired phone without the wire.