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  1. MamaBeau

    I wish I had more time here, it is for sure a very sad day for me. No one wants to say goodbye...

    I wish I had more time here, it is for sure a very sad day for me. No one wants to say goodbye to their home/family.
  2. MamaBeau

    I guess this is goodbye.

    Unfortunately my time as Manager on Momento has had to come to a sudden end. I want to let all of you know that you are my family, this is my home and always will be. I put a lot of love and dedication into this server but I'm afraid my time was not spent well enough. I wish more then anything...
  3. MamaBeau

    1/12/2019 Server Trivia

  4. MamaBeau

    1/12/2019 Server Trivia

    1/12/2019 Server Trivia When: Tomorrow (Saturday) at 2pm EST Overview: Time for a new event for the New Year! Join us on Saturday, January 12th for Server Trivia! This trivia game will consist of 3 rounds with 10 server related questions in each round! Join us on our discord for your chance at...
  5. MamaBeau

    Towny Towny Town Upkeep Change

    As of right now there is no Up-Keep for a town. All taxes and town costs were removed due to a bad bug in the town bank system. You're safe for now. We are looking into ways to get taxes back on the server, and will keep everyone updated via discord.
  6. MamaBeau

    Forums name change application

    There is already a forums name of "ToggleGlitch"
  7. MamaBeau

    Holiday skin Contest: Winter Edition!

    Winners: 1st Place ($10): @Mathjess 2nd Place ($5): @devinrakke 3rd Place ($2.50): @Greng Congrats to all our winners and thank you to everyone that entered. If you won please contact me via PM on here to claim your prizes! Happy New Year!
  8. MamaBeau

    Towny Towny suggest

    This was suggested long ago and was denied. We are still going to deny this suggestion as we would like Towny to be more personal, and encourage trading and player shops.
  9. MamaBeau

    Skyblock [Item]

  10. MamaBeau

    Hi there, I'm Dec3mber!

    Welcome 'back' to the server! Hopefully we can meet in game some time, if you need anything just shoot myself or any of the staff a quick message :)
  11. MamaBeau

    Forums name change application

    The user name "Greng" is already in use.
  12. MamaBeau

    I'll send you a message with the code!

    I'll send you a message with the code!
  13. MamaBeau

    12/15/2018 Holiday Build Contest

    Winners Its that time!! In this comment you will find the rankings of your build! If your name is on the list please contact me through messages here, on the forums, to claim your gift card!! $25 gift card: Saige0206 Numixgaming LuxieBug Mathjess NethaHunter $10 gift card: GamerGirl5344...
  14. MamaBeau

    12/15/2018 Holiday Build Contest

    Event Changes: Start Date: December 15th, 2018 Start Time: 9am EST End Date: December 22nd End Time 11pm EST This gives you 1 week to build your plot!
  15. MamaBeau

    12/15/2018 Holiday Build Contest

    Momento Network Holiday Build Contest 15th of December, 2018 9am EST - 11pm EST Hey guys, welcome to another event from Momento Network! This time we're going to try something brand new! Holiday Build Contest information: - On the event server starting at 9am EST, we will release a world with...
  16. MamaBeau

    Prison plotmines

    It was already stated previously that plotmine sizes will not be increased.
  17. MamaBeau

    Skyblock skyprison

    I don't really see the value in this idea, I think it may be smarter to suggest Mines for skyblock and get the community to back you with it.
  18. MamaBeau

    Factions Fun old maps.....

    I'm gonna dock this for the next factions season. :)
  19. MamaBeau

    Prison Gang color

    Yeah it may sound cool but it could get very confusing for members of your gang if the color was changed. Sorry will not be added.
  20. MamaBeau

    Global Vote Cooldown Timer

    We can't really track that, as on some sites you can vote every 12 hours instead of 24. We would have to some how hook into the site itself which wouldn't be easy considering the site would have to agree to it. Sorry but this will not be added.