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    1. RoellieNL707


      Hi I am, MangoBingo_. My real name is Roel, im 13 years old. I’m playing on this server for 1 year but 0,5 year i was inactive. I’d like to be staff or something. I can speak English and Dutch. Im much online, this is the only server were i’m playing on at the moment. This is just an question...
    2. RoellieNL707

      Skyblock Cactus and envoys!

      Please bring cactus back in the game, there was only much lagg if you are on an island with cactus( thats not a problem in my eyes). And its an easy way to get some money if you just started. Now you dont get things to do on your island. And take envoys away, they are creating lagg and only...