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    1. Luxieee

      Devil / Dulsl's intro

      I've seen you a lot, and we spend quite a bit of time together! I look forward to getting to know you better ;3
    2. Luxieee

      Changed where plotmine was and lost pm credits.

      I would email support about things like these. The email is [email protected]
    3. Luxieee

      Feedback NO RESET

      We'll let you know when/if something has been decided ♡
    4. Luxieee

      Hey guys

      Actually, the hub was randomly whitelisted but that's fixed now. Anyway, welcome to Momento! ♡
    5. Luxieee

      Didnt get my sell block from earlier season

      Hi! If you purchased a sell block from the store on the Momento website, you should have gotten it in your inventory. If you didn't get it, please send an email to our support email ([email protected]) with as much information as you can provide and they'll be able to help you out with...
    6. Luxieee

      It's ya girl Emwee

      Hope to see you online more ♡
    7. Luxieee

      Danny devito throws hands

      Me. I would win.
    8. Luxieee


      That's what happens when you incorrectly eat cereal tbh
    9. Luxieee

      LmaoItsProdigy Introduction

      Nice to learn more about you! I've seen you a few times in game already, but I hope to get to know you better ^-^
    10. Luxieee

      Global mm

      Honestly, I can see why this can be a little annoying but personally I don't think it's a big deal. It's really up to Danny though, and I understand why you want it since it is technically the correct way of displaying dollars.
    11. Luxieee


      oh, i guess cereal has different meanings AHA that kind of cereal is better w yogurt by far
    12. Luxieee


      david?? u ok over there??
    13. Luxieee

      Hello :D

      Welcome to Momento! Hope to see you around ♡ If you ever have any questions please feel free to message me via discord, forums pms, or in game and I'd be happy to help!
    14. Luxieee

      Kindle's Staff introduction

      Yes, yes it did. I love your intro, the colors are fun and I'm glad you made one! ♡
    15. Luxieee

      Coming alive again.

      If you have any specific suggestions for Factions (or any other gamemode), I recommend you post them here. We appreciate players making suggestions on how we can improve the server, and we always read through them!
    16. Luxieee

      Appreciation Post

      Much love for youuuu ♡ (extra homo)
    17. Luxieee

      Making Luxie’s song demonic

      Oh my god, you actually made this I'm dead
    18. Luxieee

      momento links are allowed

      Probably not, but we love you regardless ♡
    19. Luxieee

      momento links are allowed

      if you know, you know
    20. Luxieee

      momento links are allowed

      get hecked, frugalzebra :>