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    1. xPhalanxed_

      Towny reset?

      Resets in general usually happen unexpectedly. No one knows whether there would be a reset or not. If I remember correctly, I think the last towny reset was probably late 2018 or early 2019, I’m not completely sure.
    2. xPhalanxed_


      Nice to meet you! Dedication pays off to get helper.
    3. xPhalanxed_

      Meet Kiip_

      Nice to meet you!
    4. xPhalanxed_


      I’m gonna call the cops, hehe.
    5. xPhalanxed_

      Global Add e chatcolor

      It would not be a great idea, because &c is an admin’s respective chat color, and it would be unfair to admins. And as said, admin has its respective &c and owner is already with &4.
    6. xPhalanxed_


      Have fun, buddy. Be safe!
    7. xPhalanxed_


      Nice to meet you! For staff applications go here: https://momentonetwork.net/forums/pending-new-applications.43/ But you gotta follow some requirements.
    8. xPhalanxed_

      Guide Skyblock Guide 2019

      Overall, this guide is pretty informational! Thanks for writing this. I may get to skyblock soon, still kinda busy since I have summer school now.
    9. xPhalanxed_

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

    10. xPhalanxed_

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

      Does it really matter??? It’s the internet, buddy. People do what they want. I’m confused, aren’t staff supposed to reset it? And I thought this forum game was gonna die. 3, I guess?
    11. xPhalanxed_

      Hello everyone!

      Nice intro! Nice to meet you!
    12. xPhalanxed_


      Nice to meet you!
    13. xPhalanxed_

      Back from a long time gone

      Welcome back to the server!
    14. xPhalanxed_

      Danny's gonna wine and dine

      Making them big bucks!
    15. xPhalanxed_

      The return of the Original Chicken.

      Welcome back, Nooby! Glad to see another OG!
    16. xPhalanxed_

      I did not receive my sellblock after the reset

      Otherwise, you can always contact support with any problems that you’ve encountered at [email protected]
    17. xPhalanxed_

      _RIPNATION_ is back

      Lol, we shall find out soon. Let’s also see if the Pelicans could get better since they picked up Zion for first pick.
    18. xPhalanxed_

      Taking a break

      Good luck out there! Hope to see you back soon. :)
    19. xPhalanxed_

      Creative is awesome

      But you didn’t have to create a whole thread just for this. You probably could have posted this on your profile. EDIT: Okay, I don’t understand why you gave me a boring rating. I’m just trying to help you out.
    20. xPhalanxed_

      _RIPNATION_ is back

      Hehe, we’ll see about that!