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  1. Braynt


    Welcome back, Shopz! Glad to have you back my man.
  2. Braynt

    The Second Greatest Forum Game

  3. Braynt

    Chrisbeg's Introduction

    Nice to meet you, Chris! Hope to talk to you in the upcoming future!
  4. Braynt

    I guess this is goodbye.

    You were an amazing Manager, imo the best we've had. Best of luck in your future, Mama!
  5. Braynt

    Congratz on getting Helper!

    Congratz on getting Helper!
  6. Braynt

    1/12/2019 Server Trivia

    Sounds fun, good luck to everyone who will be participating!
  7. Braynt

    New look

    He is. He got auto banned for the mass advertising in Discord PM's I believe.
  8. Braynt

    New look

    Not sure, but shouldn't there be a "Warning" tab on the punishment page? Rest looks cool tho
  9. Braynt

    Maybe give an option to make reports anonymous/private to regular players?

    I feel like this might be a good idea honestly. I personally don't care if people try to harass me because I reported them, but many do care. Especially with some of the faction players on here... not gonna name names, but it's fairly obvious they love to harass people in /msg and even more in...
  10. Braynt

    Official allowed/disallowed mod list

    Cheatbreaker doesn't even work on Momento. Cheatbeaker is a 1.7.10 Client, and Momento only supports 1.8+. Also, Cheatbreaker used to be on the Allowed list, but I suggested it to be removed due to the removal of 1.7 support, and every mod that's not on the allowed mods list is disallowed.
  11. Braynt

    Factions Reset (Season 8)

    Love it. Have fun and good luck to everybody who will be contesting f top next season! ;)
  12. Braynt

    Skyblock Reaction for tropo keys

    The player who won the key was first. The plugin takes a little while to announce the winner, so the others were quicker than the message who won, but not quicker than the person who won.
  13. Braynt

    Omega in Discord

    Do /link Goldgamer555#2257 in-game. You'll then receive a PM from the VerificationBot and then simply press the check mark and you get Omega in the Discord.
  14. Braynt

    The Second Greatest Forum Game

  15. Braynt

    Skyblock the /enchanter or /ce command

    Seems like ur lazy, but so am I and many others. I'd love to see this feature if they are able to add such thing in this Custom Enchant plugin. +1
  16. Braynt

    Holiday skin Contest: Winter Edition!

    IGN: Braynt
  17. Braynt

    When will downtime end/start?

    The season ends in 3 hours and 24mins from this reply and the next season will start in a few days.
  18. Braynt

    Legend recruiting [Next Season]

    Can you like not.... From now on, please PM either ROBBIE#6969 or Braynt#0001 on Discord with the questions filled out or PM either one of us on the Forums.
  19. Braynt

    Next reset

    Ranks stay in /tag select and you get sell blocks, etc when you log back in on the new version.
  20. Braynt

    Factions Suggestions for factions. [Next Season]

    [-] Normal enchants [Without custom enchants] I absolutely agree with removing Custom Enchants. Custom Enchants are just super OP and discourages PvP because if somebody disarms your chestplate you litterly die in 1 hit. [-] Fixed TNTmechanics, Fixed printer Agree on this one. [-] Make the drop...