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    1. fergydanny

      Global Chat system

      Thanks for the suggestion but I don't see this being added anytime soon
    2. fergydanny

      Global PvP

      Wack suggestion, you can already pvp on many of the servers, I dont see us cloning gamemodes just to add more pvp to them.
    3. fergydanny


      Not interested, thanks for the suggestion tho
    4. fergydanny

      Upgrade Ranks

      This is not possible with the current store system.
    5. fergydanny

      Top supporters - July 2019

      Hey guys, thanks for yet another amazing month (one of our best ever). As always the top supporters earn themselves an extra reward, here are last months winners: Good luck to those competing in next months and here's to another one!
    6. fergydanny

      Disappearing spawners that are stacked?

      We've never blocked anyone no u Closing this thread as explained you have to email [email protected] if you face such a loss and don't expect to get stuff back without proof as its common sense we can't take your word for it
    7. fergydanny

      Prison Momento money from crate ranks

      Not going to happen, thanks for the suggestion
    8. fergydanny

      Global /seen for everyone

      This will remain staff only
    9. fergydanny

      Factions S10

      Hey guys, this is just a quick post to give you all the official date of the next factions season launch. The launch will be at 3pm EST this sunday the 7th, with omega pre-access at 2pm EST. This is a pretty straightforward reset however there are a few changes which I will list below: New...
    10. fergydanny

      Island top/Factions top/Top monthly supporters

      Hey guys, this will be one big thread containing this months winners for various contests. First off are the winners of our new weekly island top rewards. You have all been given your rewards (paypal sent and momento money added to island owners). Here are the winners: Now onto the factions...
    11. fergydanny

      Currently moving so will be a lot less active until early july.

      Currently moving so will be a lot less active until early july.
    12. fergydanny


      We had this in the past and removed it because people always ended up with a bunch of chests protected by others on their island and had to constantly bug staff to go remove them. I don't see myself adding them back anytime soon so just invite only people you trust to your island and use...
    13. fergydanny

      Skyblock Cactus and envoys!

      1- Cactus will not be brought back, they were removed for a reason 2- They dont cause lag, maybe FPS lag for you personally but not server lag 3- We'll see if we even can
    14. fergydanny

      Prison Prison Factions rewards.

      Not going to happen, thanks for the suggestion tho
    15. fergydanny

      Captcha Guide

      English Here is a short guide to pass the captcha you see when first logging into Momento. I will explain it step by step. Click on the spoilers to see images. 1. Look at what color its asking you to find (it will be in the form of a word, for example "you must enter the blue characters" means...
    16. fergydanny

      Skyblock Redstone...

      Were not going to make people pay to lag our servers. It was limited for a reason and making it a perk in the store would make no sense.
    17. fergydanny

      How can i get my sellblocks back ?

      Hi, as mentionned in the announcement post, to get something you purchased back you have to go on the galaxy skyblock server, so do that and wait 5-10 minutes and if you bought it you should get it. Then you are free to take it with you on nebula if you want. If this doesn't work, email...
    18. fergydanny

      Introducing Skyblock Galaxy and Skyblock Nebula

      We're actually updating it with a bigger one tonight in-game
    19. fergydanny

      Introducing Skyblock Galaxy and Skyblock Nebula

      Payouts start Sunday the 30th June Hey guys, as explained in my last announcement, skyblock is resetting and it will now become 2 servers. However we are taking more of a one skyblock experience multiple servers approach. Heres what that means: There will be 2 servers. You can own/join 1...
    20. fergydanny

      Skyblock reset

      soon ;) Nope, but there will be island top prizes