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    1. ActualToxic_

      Skyblock Nebula and Galaxy

      Hello, I have a suggestion for the server. It is really annoying that the Nebula and Galaxy chat mix up. This is annoying because I play Galaxy and normally on Nebula play 200/200 people, but we can't trade or do stuff together if I'm in Galaxy and they in Nebula. So I don't understand why it...
    2. ActualToxic_

      Taking a break

      Hey guys, As you maybe have seen in the title, I won't be online for the next couple of weeks because I'm very busy with school. Maybe I will be online for 30 minutes every week because when I finish my homework, it's already 10pm. Beside that, I'm also finding things out in my life and doing...
    3. ActualToxic_

      Global Mm money

      Hello, I have an idea, but I think the most of the topvoters don't want this to get added. I personally vote everyday 6 times, but the number one has more votes than possible. So my idea was to get a rule that you can't go above the possible vote limit (What I mean is that if it is June 10...
    4. ActualToxic_

      Skyblock Spawner sell ./shop

      Hello! Sometimes, people would change from Villager to Iron Golem spawners, but they still have the Villager spawners and maybe nobody wants to buy them. I personally think it would be a great idea that you can sell spawners in /shop for like 50% of the new price, so you get 750k from the...
    5. ActualToxic_

      Guide Attention, look out for this warp/guy!

      Hey guys, just want you to don't get scammed by ItzRoanDuh! On the Island of supermonkeyfast is an sign with B1 diamond block but in the dark side of the room there is an not readable sign (because it is so dark) which let u buy 299 sticks for 1 milion, this sign is nearly unreadable. Then...
    6. ActualToxic_

      Global Anti-Scam

      Hello, thanks that you take time to read this suggestion! I think it would be a cool idea that you can withdraw ad balance, like how you could do that a couple seasons of SkyBlock back. Just withdraw money, but this time withdraw ad balance. But how to make it Anti-Scam? To make it Anti-Scam...
    7. ActualToxic_

      ActualToxic_'s cringe introduction

      Hello! Maybe you already know me, but I did an introduction 3 months earlier, when I turned back to Minecraft! (Didn't played Minecraft between November and February because I did play it to much) About myself I'm Sander, 13 years old and I'm from The Netherlands. I'm doing the highest level...
    8. ActualToxic_

      Nice to meet you

      Hello nice to meet you whoever this is reading! About myself I am Sander, 13 years old and i live in the Netherlands 1 mile away from Germany. I am in game also known as ActualToxic_ and i play Prison and Skyblock the most (Gonna nolife Skyblock after the reset :D) I am playing Momentonetwork...