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    1. Liezexo

      Towny Mob Toggling in Towns

      I'm afraid it still doesn't work, at least for me it doesn't. It keeps giving me the issue "This world has monster spawns forced on.".
    2. Liezexo

      Towny PvP in same Nation

      I'm pretty sure the whole point of nations was actually to be allied with other towns so that they wouldn't be able to hurt you in Wars (which is also a thing, just not on Momento)/pvp in general. Maybe there should be a way for people to personally toggle a "nation PVP" ability or something...
    3. Liezexo

      Towny Towny Suggestions!

      I fully agree, observers are a big part of the redstone contraptions and I've asked about this before and I'm pretty sure they were gonna look into it. However, for the sticky pistons, I've been able to make them so they're in the clear. That's another thing I never really understood, maybe it...
    4. Liezexo

      Towny Petition to marry the loves of my life

      Me, I’d marry Kal anyday Anywho I think this could be great, if any gamemode should have /marry it should be towny. After all, we’re making a town, we’re breeding, why not marry your one and true love Additionally, I think it’d be cool that when your married partner gets online you both...
    5. Liezexo

      Guide Towny Explained/Starter Guide V3

      Updated to Towny V3 -- for the most part. Hope it helps, if there's anything I missed, let met know and I'll try to keep this up to date.
    6. Liezexo

      Hiya, I’m Fusion

      Sup Fusion, nice to see you're enjoying yourself so far! Heck, you've stuck to minecraft a long time so I'm sure I'll see you around sometime, I look forward to getting to know you more(:
    7. Liezexo

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

      This score is most likely never to be updated again 1
    8. Liezexo

      Global Change vote reset time

      Yeah, no. That removes the challenge that comes along with attempting to get topvoter. They ain’t about to go give away 50$ for something that easy. I see no problem how it is now, if you’re an occasional voter it works just fine. When you vote, you get rewards; all you gotta do is be smart...
    9. Liezexo

      Sappy leaving thread

      Duty calls indeed, I’ll definitely miss you too! Them noodles are waiting for me, I’ll make sure to cook up your recipe at least once in my life, haha Cya homeslice Can’t thank you enough for everything; wipe your tears while I enjoy my savage pass danny man. Your roast will be legendary ;)...
    10. Liezexo

      Sappy leaving thread

      Hi, As most of you will have guessed by the title, I’m going to be leaving. Some of you might ask yourself why, some of you may not, idk. However, I’ll elaborate on that for a bit, if you care to read. By now you might have noticed my activity isn’t what it used to be, as of lately staffing...
    11. Liezexo

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

      Updated the scores. Members: 59 Staff: 98 Finally figured out how those reset scores work.
    12. Liezexo

      Void Recruitment

      Locking as per request.
    13. Liezexo

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

      must've just not updated for me, happens sometimes. 0
    14. Liezexo

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

    15. Liezexo

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

    16. Liezexo

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

    17. Liezexo

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

      -10 terminated
    18. Liezexo

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

    19. Liezexo

      The Second Greatest Forum Game

      -6 I cant make any promises
    20. Liezexo

      The Second Greatest Forum Game