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    1. Rangerxo

      Towny ~Suggestion~/xpbottle~Towny~

      * Towny Suggestion 2 * ^-^Introduction^-^ Hey everyone! I’m glad to see you reading another one of my posts :) Today, I want to talk about a possible command I’d love to see in towny! /xpbottle (amount) It’s probably obvious what that it does, but I’ll explain it anyway. ^-^Suggestion^-^...
    2. Rangerxo

      Towny ~ Suggestion ~ Torch Custom Enchants ~

      Hello everyone! t’is i, ranger_23, here with a suggestion for the Towny server! ^— Introduction —^ ^__ Introduction —^ ^— Introduction —^ You might’ve seen the title and went- uh, seems kinda useless? Well, this idea originated in the Discord (momento.net/discord) Eventually, though, I...