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    Event Spleef Event

    where's the credit towards the players/staff members who have initiated the ideas towards the new events for the server? i believe they deserve recognition and credit the most. of course, simply because she built it, Lieze deserves credit. but what about the others who made it an idea in the...
  2. 1uq

    ShopZ is a great person!

    wait until you meet verypoor, you'd wanna make a whole other post about her because she's the best staff member there is
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    well what can I say, cats are the superior animal
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    Hi, I'm Marin. Here's a few uninteresting facts about me: I was born in Moldova. Moved to Ireland at the age of 1 year. I still remember the story being told to me as if it were dinnertime. I am currently 18 years of age while typing this up. Yes, I am legal to do everything, in Ireland...
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  6. 1uq

    HI Guys!

    hi, very nice, jacob
  7. 1uq

    poppy filter for ig farm without a redstone clock?

    that is the one, yeah. feel free to simply copy it
  8. 1uq

    poppy filter for ig farm without a redstone clock?

    head over to /is warp 1, you'll be able to fly around and you'll find the one i have made
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    wholesome post
  10. 1uq

    Never Thought of Doing This but here it goes...

    cool intro, verycool
  11. 1uq

    24 January 2019

    ay, multipliers are back! that is really good news
  12. 1uq

    Guide Anyone Need Help Open This Thread

    the amount of capital letters you used and the the incorrect "your" made me x out of google surprisingly quick
  13. 1uq

    Skyblock /Shop Blocks

    there are netherbricks in the /shop, they're on the second page
  14. 1uq

    Global Our /chatcolor Update

    well, some players would like to have the pink chat colour as an option for them to chat in. some players would adore to have the light red chat colour. players should have access to every single colour available since we do pay for the ranks, with our own money, or even grind it out with ad...
  15. 1uq

    Heyo :D

    very nice to meet you, fellow irish citizen
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    The Second Greatest Forum Game

  17. 1uq

    The Second Greatest Forum Game

  18. 1uq

    The Second Greatest Forum Game

  19. 1uq

    The Second Greatest Forum Game

  20. 1uq

    Global Our /chatcolor Update

    well, shft, since "staff colours" are now allowed to be used by members, I suggested we do add all of those. we should have access to every colour available