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  1. LuxieBug

    Forums name change application

    Old IGN: LuxieBug New IGN: TwinkleToesLux Most commonly played gamemode(s): Skyblock
  2. LuxieBug


    Go eat a flower you stinky bee :(
  3. LuxieBug

    Creative Reset

    This sounds so cool! I like the sound of these new ranks, adds a whole new aspect to creative. Definitely what it needed, I can't wait!
  4. LuxieBug


    You've no idea.. I'm just waiting to magically grow ⅛ of an inch overnight smh
  5. LuxieBug


    I'm tellin' you, it's boowie not bewy
  6. LuxieBug


    Hello Friends! I've realized that while I have made a lot of good pals on Momento in these past few months, some people don't know much about me. So, I'm hoping this will help some of you to get to know me better~ (You may know me as Luxie, Twinks, etc.) Some basic information...
  7. LuxieBug

    Cya later!

    You're one of my best friends shfty boi <3 I wish you the best of luck in school and don't ever forget my toes smh.. I'm sure we'll listen to wii music for 4 hours straight again, and i really hope we keep in touch <3 Google>Shft forever ft
  8. LuxieBug

    Global Our /chatcolor Update

    Yes! I was actually just thinking about this earlier, a-f and 0-9 should definitely be added now that we can use &d &9 &4 and &c. We only have a small amount of the colors in the /chatcolor menu (about 9 i believe) and adding more just seems like an obvious choice. I just want my pink chat color
  9. LuxieBug

    Staff Applications

    This is pretty similar to what I suggested about player reports. While I personally don't have any experience on the staff applications here, I think there would be a lot of benefits to keeping reports private in general- such as preventing further use of the bug, and possible harassment from...
  10. LuxieBug

    Glitch raid report

    See, the thing is, claims don't really prove anything. You also didn't provide a screenshot of the claims, not that it would really do much here. Like I said before, because you don't have solid evidence that you really did get "glitch raided" staff can't help you. They likely wouldn't give...
  11. LuxieBug

    Glitch raid report

    I'd like to point out that I have no knowledge of or took any part in this raid, and this is my most unbiased opinion possible. First of all, last I checked enderpearls didn't allow you to bypass the border. However, I haven't tried this since the reset, so I encourage you to report that (if...
  12. LuxieBug

    Skyblock Inky!

    I think this is a great idea! I would love to see ink added to the shop on skyblock. As far as I know, there isn't any other way of making black banners aside from shearing a black sheep (a rare occurrence). As 1uq mentioned as well, it would be cool to see some players create a sort of squid farm!
  13. LuxieBug

    Chrisbeg's Introduction

    Hi Chris, welcome! :)
  14. LuxieBug

    I guess this is goodbye.

    We'll all miss you Mama, thanks for the fun events and all the time you've dedicated to helping the server <3
  15. LuxieBug


  16. LuxieBug

    Maybe give an option to make reports anonymous/private to regular players?

    I can understand that making reports public can help with people verifying fake reports and give the reported person access to see why they were reported, therefore maybe helping them to learn from the experience. However, I feel that in some cases instead of making the reported person stop...
  17. LuxieBug

    12/15/2018 Holiday Build Contest

    IGN: LuxieBug What holiday I celebrate: Christmas! Random fact: I have almost a million mastery points on Lux if you combine both my League accounts ;P
  18. LuxieBug

    Factions Some helpful ideas

    Yeah, this should definitely be a thing. It makes going into warzone feel way too safe and not much like a WAR zone, where you should especially be cautious of entering. Hopefully they at least add it in warzone!
  19. LuxieBug

    Factions Suggestions for factions. [Next Season]

    I think most of those sound good! I'd love to see more KoTH locations. However, I know me and quite a few others really enjoy the custom enchants, it's fun to be able to build a bunch of different types of armor/weapons etc. and I think it adds a whole other aspect to Momento factions. I love...