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  1. Kaashapper


    Hi everyone, How is your day going?
  2. Kaashapper

    Prison How to get in the top on prison?

    So, there is this new prison season. But how to go actually get so good that you are able to get in the top? That is what I will explain in this guide. To start off get you kit by using the /kit command. This will make you get a pickaxe and some armor. The pickaxe is the most important. You can...
  3. Kaashapper

    Have you ever?

    Someone wil ask a question starting with “Have you ever”. You will have to answer if you have ever done it. To keep it fun you have to give an answer to the question you see. So if you look at the question, you will also have to answer it. So you can’t just choose which question you want to...
  4. Kaashapper

    Yum or eww

    Yum or eww. In your post you have to say if you like the food mentioned above (yum) or if you dislike it (eww). Also you have to day another food for the next person to react on. The game will look like this: player1: pancakes player2: Yum, potato player3: Eww, chocolate etc. I’ll give the...
  5. Kaashapper

    Rock, paper, anything

    This game goes as follows. You have to beat the object from the player above you and explain how you beat it. Because this is a forum game for a minecraft server I would like to stay in the minecraft theme, this means that the only objects allowed have to be in minecraft. example how the game...
  6. Kaashapper

    Count as high as we can.

    Last week we made a story. Everyone was allowed to only place 1 word. The story that we have made goes as follows: At my neck I have a big toaster with delicious sauce that you have eaten, so put it somewhere where someone can use it for these beautiful that I created under the table, with a big...
  7. Kaashapper

    Make a story

    It has been one week since I have made my last forum game. Last week “this or that” has been played a lot. That is why I will make a new one. This one is called make a story. The idea is, just like the title says, to make a story. But it has a twist to it. In your turn, you can only say 1 word...
  8. Kaashapper

    This or that

    I haven’t seen a lot of forum games in a while. I really liked the forum games, so I will make one. I will try to make one every week (if there are some people who play this game, otherwise it is of no use) but don’t pin me on that, as I might forget it sometimes. This game is called “This or...